An Arishok’s Love

The last romantic Arishok dream I had didn’t make it onto this blog because I felt like it was too personal, and to some readers, they might perceive part of it as abuse before love, so I wrote it somewhere else more private heheh…. anyway, it’s been too long since I had a Qunari-related dream. It makes me miss playing Dragon Age.

What I’ve been doing lately is after I play a game series new to me, I go back to an old one I love for a bit before I try something else new. I haven’t decided when, but at some point, I would like to go back to DA.

Listening to Xandria makes me think of the Qunari and in this dream: well a little backstory first. I come to Par Vollen to negotiate peace with the Qunari and the Arishok is considered the leader in this case. In Qunlat, Arishok means the highest rank in the Antaam (military branch) so I was primarily speaking with him.

I always imagined Par Vollen to be a great stone city surrounded by a lush tropical jungle and sandy beaches. I really hope someday a future Dragon Age game takes us there.

We debated and debated, and eventually it led to something more that. He begun to respect me as a rival. That led to the events of this dream. Then there was another dream that followed where things got really steamy and intimate, but like I said, for personal reasons, that part goes in a more private place. This dream takes place after the events of the second dream.

The Arishok and I are now officially an item and we didn’t know if we wanted to make the relationship known to his people. Ah romance, it brings everyone together. The Arishok and I took a private stroll on one of Par Vollen’s beaches discussing our relationship. He had become much calmer since we gave into our feelings. We were holding hands and we were silent at first at the start of the walk. We left the city area walking like normal and didn’t join hands until he ordered his bodyguards to leave us at the beach.

He was donned in his usual Shokra Taar while I was wearing Antaam Saar. He told me the meaning of the words he recited on our first night together: how his kind didn’t do sex for love, let alone they rarely did have feelings of love. I told him we could make it work, we didn’t have to go public about it, but the only thing we had to make official was the alliance. Our relationship could stay private if we both wished it to be.

He was like:

You mean it kadan? It is not yet time for those under the Qun to know yet. They may think less of me.

I nodded and could tell he wanted to keep it private. The waves came up soaking our feet and I told him that if either one of us changed our minds, we could discuss it first. He agreed right away and whispered these words in my ear.

You’re my kadan, and that will never change. This is our place right here, just me and you.

Me and my love for interspecies romance, why can’t this be real? Such vashedan that it is not!

Anyway, this is where he kissed me and I was standing on my toes to reach him while his arms were around my bare waist.

Raise your hand if you wish a fling with him was an option in the game! Inside every super-serious honorable character is a kind heart.

I don’t care what you say, I did say I was going to write about more dreams, even if they’re about imaginary relationships with fictional characters where 99.9% of them are not human and some of them are not particularly liked by many (in this case, a lot of people don’t like the Arishok because either they found fighting him to be too hard or they love Isabela). This is my blog. Just because I don’t want a real boyfriend, doesn’t mean I can’t have fictional ones!

I love you Arishok and I will always spare you.


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