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War For Cybertron Returns

Writing this is overdue and with it about a month away, now’s the time.

My favourite part of the Transformers franchise has always been the war on Cybertron before it comes to Earth: no humans, no eye candy, just Autobots fighting Decepticons.

Netflix announced that it will be releasing a series about the war for Cybertron. There have been several clips already, but I’d say this is our official trailer.

When I first saw clips and this trailer, I tried desperately to not dismiss it due to the fact that different voices were doing Optimus and Megatron. Like what could possibly possess Peter Cullen to not reprise his role in this series? I haven’t been able to find anything in my research that explains why.

But, it’s Transformers, and my favourite part of it, so I’m going to give it a chance, even if my dear Optimus doesn’t sound the same.

I’m interested how this will go, even if it does not tell the same story as the book Transformers Exodus which is also about the war or the game with the same name.

If the 16-year old me saw this, she would have shunned it immediately due to the different voices, but I’ve matured since then so we’ll see what this brings.


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