Golden Afternoon Gardens

So, while everyone else seems to be immersed in ACNH, I have been playing something different simulation-wise despite being an AC veteran.

After spending so many hours on Stardew Valley, I decided it was time for something new. My enjoyment of farming games brought me to a game called Farm Together.

Same idea as SV, but the only difference is less crafting is required which means it’s much easier to build a big farm. The game also runs with real time where it takes crops to grow. But, the good news is it doesn’t give you the option to use certain in-game currency to speed up those times that can be obtained through real money.

I decided to call my farm Golden Afternoon Gardens, because 1. it will have lots of flowers and 2. It’s a reference to a very underrated Disney song from Alice in Wonderland that I like. It must have been playing in my head when I was trying to come up with a farm name.

I always find it hard to decide where crop fields are going to go and I wish I could interact with my pet who follows me around. But I like the crop selection in this game, like ones that take 8 hours to grow: I can plant them in the morning, go to work, and they’ll be ready when I come home.

There is a much wider selection of animals in this game too like horses, turkeys, bunnies, etc. another thing I always try to decide where to put.

It does have some multiplayer elements and sometimes I would visit other player’s farms and a lot of times I would find them to lack creativity where one area is nothing but animals, another is full of fish or beehives, etc. I on the other hand am mixing things up and making pathways around everything and I want to put lots of flowers and trees in the spots that are left over.

Nobody has visited my farm yet but maybe someday.

What’s next is I recently bought the Celery pack which contains carnival items so there’ll be a section of my farm near a river that’ll have a little county fair to escape to when the work is done!

It’s nice to know I can actually ride the rides in this game!

Equally as relaxing as Stardew Valley if not as grinding.


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