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A Playground Legend from a Century ago High above Alejandro – Music of June 2020

It’s really hard to make these titles make actual sense. I mean, I could just do what everyone else does when it comes to doing similar stuff every month, but I like to do things differently, so this is my only options.

I had to wear a cotton mask to the shoe store today to get a new pair of sneakers, my favourite skincare store L’occitane has reopened, I have another action figure to write about and I just got some new games from Steam’s Summer Sale which will probably sit there in my library for a while. The bigger games take longer to clear from my backlog than the ones that use less space! But, I can’t turn down good deals! I got Cat Quest, Senua’s Sacrifice, Bloons TD5, Doom, A Short Hike (coincidentally I read last week from a fellow blogger who reviewed that game), and What Remains of Edith Finch

Those will be games to most likely play on the sidelines of the bigger ones, but I’m unlikely to start them until after I finish playing Darksiders due to how engrossing that franchise is.

But that’s enough about gaming, this post is about music so here are this month’s songs.

Madonna – This Used to be my Playground

Ah Madonna, this is who I’ve been listening to since I was just a baby. Did you know that she was in A League Of Their Own? She was so young in that movie I didn’t recognize her at first! Kit was my favourite character in that movie, she was so determined to succeed in baseball and rebuffed at the simple “settle-down” lifestyle, even if she did go on to become a grandmother later in her life.

This song is beautiful and whenever I listen to it, I find so many memories coming back to me from my childhood. Like what the local park used to look like before they changed the entire play structure. Now to see the new one taped off today is just depressing.

Another way to look at it is not only will it make you recall childhood memories, but I also feel like it could serve as a reminder to not ever ever let something redone ruin your childhood. The fact is that nothing can ruin your childhood because your childhood is history, it has already happened and some mere movie remake cannot destroy it. You can’t destroy history.

Godsmack – When Legends Rise

Not really my type of band, but I found this song when one of my friends shared a Darksiders III tribute video with this song as the soundtrack. He told me he hasn’t started playing the games yet, but he’s revealed to me that he’s got a crush on Fury. I think that’s my fault, I showed him pictures of her since I know his taste in fictional women quite well!

Actually this song is growing on me now, I can picture Fury fighting her way through the ruins of Earth against demons and other abominations. Although, I do think that maybe a GWAR song would be better suited for her since she does enjoy killing a lot. But, there are some things about her personality that I do like so far, in fact, last time I played, she started to show a more emotional side, even though it was brief. Still, quite a good song.

The Tragically Hip – Ahead By A Century

I’m not really into alternative or folk when it comes to rock music. That’s more of my dad’s taste while I prefer the harder and heavier stuff.

But regardless of my taste, this has been in my head due to me watching Anne With An E, and this being the show’s intro. It grows on you.

I kept watching in hopes that Billy would get some form of punishment, even if not by authority for bullying Cole all the way out of Avonlea’s school and wrecking his art and clubhouse that Anne and the others shared. Even after the injury he sustained, he’s still a jerk unfortunately.

But the show still has other great moments in it that I will miss when I finish it. This song will be the memory of it.

Lady Gaga – Alejandro

This music video was longer than I thought when I first saw it and it makes me think like Lady Gaga is going to be the next Madonna. I mean, I love the latter, but she won’t be on Earth forever!

I always knew I was going to like Gaga and I need to listen to this song more often, it’s a good upbeat dance type of tune. It opens with a melody that reminds me of France before the beat kicks in. A very underrated song by her in my opinion.

James Blunt – High

The first time I heard this song was in the summer between grade 6 and 7. I was up at this cottage we used to rent from a friend of my dad’s. The radio played mainly alternative and country music. I heard this song while I was playing inside and I didn’t know how I felt about it back then.

I didn’t hear it again until it played in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in their second season. In this episode, the song plays during a surgery with all hands on deck when a mother is giving birth to quintuplets; some of them have complications and require surgery. Imagine how exhausting that might be. Shonda Rimes is clearly really good at choosing songs that reflect certain situations in each episode. Now I think this song is pretty.

And that’s it for this month. Nobody likes this new normal at all, it stinks. I can’t stand it when people say things around me like: “Oh it may not go away, we might be living with this forever” please don’t do that. If we stopped the swine flu of 2009, then we can stop this virus too.

But anyway, aside from that, my gaming is pretty much the only the thing that truly distracts me in times like this. Special thanks to Darksiders for doing that the most.


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