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A Time to Rise on one Final Dawn of Mercy – Music of July 2020

This month has been great for music. I've picked, in my mind, a lot of great stuff. I feel like I'm running out of room for physical CDs so I'm buying digital more these days. At least so I'm still able to call it mine. Deep Purple - Child In Time You have to… Continue reading A Time to Rise on one Final Dawn of Mercy – Music of July 2020


Strike The Storm

This dream serves as a reminder that I really should not abandon Emi Takori's (my Star Wars OC) story in my fanfiction. But I find it difficult to balance writing that along with my blog while working full time and I find myself no longer enjoying working on the former as I used to. ☹… Continue reading Strike The Storm

TV Series

Windows To New Worlds

My new favourite series is back! I thought I wasn't going to get a new season this year due to obvious reasons, but they must have finished filming it long before the pandemic begun. I am excited because now I'm more familiar with the Multiverse after reading the first two books and I am currently… Continue reading Windows To New Worlds


How Darksiders and Dragon Age Got Me Through Tough Times

The two D's that's what I should call them! In times when the whole world, or just the region I'm from is facing massive uncertainty, there's only one thing that keeps me distracted from it and lowers my stress. Two times this has happened now where I have got into a new gaming franchise, it… Continue reading How Darksiders and Dragon Age Got Me Through Tough Times


I Ain’t Swimming In That

What a coincidence! Last night when I was playing Darksiders III, I found Gluttony, the next sin that comes inside a kraken monster and constantly spits goo and tries to devour me. And Fury said this was going to be easy! Well, you know what it's like to get temporarily stuck at a boss fight… Continue reading I Ain’t Swimming In That


Like I’m The Only Girl In The Fandom

Growing up, I was used to being the only girl in situations like groups in school or other activities. One year, I joined a social skills club that took place every Saturday afternoon and all of the other kids were guys, except me. Then there was the time I took drama class in high school,… Continue reading Like I’m The Only Girl In The Fandom


Don’t Be Surprised I Will Still Rise

I tried to fall asleep again in the morning to see if that dream would continue, but no avail. It was basically my own version of Katy Perry's Rise music video, only this time I had large dragon wings instead of a parachute attached to me. I was struggling to fly with them for the… Continue reading Don’t Be Surprised I Will Still Rise

Music and Bands

The Music Habits Tag

Aha! This is a tag for me to really turn it into my own devilish incarnation. Reading the questions before deciding to do it myself made me think this is for passive music listeners but I guess people like me who cherish music as much as they would a pet can too. I do… Continue reading The Music Habits Tag