The Giant Rahi Invaders

This is what I get for watching an entire YouTube playlist of the first Mata Nui online adventure game yesterday; a game my brother and I could never finish because we didn’t know the objectives and we had a primitive computer back then with loading time at the speed of a snail!

I climbed into bed and looked at my Lego figure of Makuta on my shelf. I said to it:

Tonight is going to be a dream of something from it, like the Rahi.

Then I turned out the light.

Sure enough, I was right. I’ve had better Bionicle dreams than this one, but it’s still worth writing about.

This dream doesn’t take place on the islands unfortunately. It’s more like a invasion dream to our world where the Rahi invade. Rahi in the Matoran language means “wildlife” and I’ve taken to learning more about this universe now that I didn’t learn as a kid, just for some more things to do.

I was out shopping at a small drugstore and while I waited in line to pay for my things and then something appeared on the overhead TV that caught my attention. Like finally, some breaking news that is about something different! The image on the screen showed people running and screaming from a swarm of Kofo-Jaga: a species of the scorpion Rahi that thrive in places where there is lava. Onu-Matoran feared them while they worked in the Lightstone Mines and well, that’s what Onu-Matoran do all the time: mine so Whenua can do his job running the village and Onua can tend to more important matters!

Of course, if I saw any sort of Rahi, I could try to tame it. The people looking at the TV screen and asking questions what were those things and I said that they were Kofo-Jaga. Everyone turns and looks at me confused. I almost wanted to tell them that they should invest some time in learning this stuff.

Suddenly the ground shook around us and outside something popped out of the ground (like daisies!) I looked outside to see what it was and it turned out to be a bunch of Kikanalo, but they were at least five times their original size and far more vicious.

I stepped outside and saw people already fleeing on foot or in their vehicles while the Rahi walked around searching. But one of them turned to see me and alerted its brethren. They immediately forgot about everything and began to pursue me. I ran down the street until I could fly. Why they were only chasing me, I could not figure out. Did I have something they wanted? Were they corrupt by Makuta and told by him to eliminate me? The latter would not be a surprise. Many times they gained on me whenever I ran down one of the slopes in the road. If I took to the sky, it gave me an advantage, but only temporarily.

I lured the Rahi towards an abandoned facility and set up a trap with bombs. I thought it would be the only way to stop these Rahi. Normally, the Toa would stop them by removing their masks that would free them of Makuta’s influence and they would return to their primitive state. But I had no intention of climbing on these beasts to do that. I was only myself in this dream and not one of my OCs with powers.

I set up the explosives and got inside a tiny bunker. The explosion caused screams but did nothing to kill the Rahi or snap them out of it. Instead, it just made them angrier that they roared in unison. So, either I become Dragon Master or the Toa come and save me, either one works.

My brain is definitely lucid when I sleep. Oh, and happy Canada day! 🇨🇦


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