YouTube Videos I Make a Ritual

It’s easy to kill time on YouTube and I find myself watching certain videos on a ritualistic level.

One of the reasons could be because it gives me a massive dose of nostalgia or it takes stress away instantly. Yes, rituals, as an aspie, it’s very common. For anyone on the spectrum, really.

Here are some YouTube videos that I watch almost everyday.

For nostalgia when I cannot always pop in the full movie from my childhood. Tahu is the best and this video shows his iconic scenes in the film.

When I first saw it as a kid, I noticed right away that there were subplots of the Toa trying to stay united as well as Tahu and Gali’s strained relationship.

Scott McNeil providing the voice made me love Tahu more, and if I had to pick one nostalgic video as a daily ritual, it would be this one.

I haven’t seen this one in years, but it’s something I always come back to. If you play Halo 4, you can watch these upon finding each terminal, but I’m glad someone merged them all into one video.

I think these terminal videos allow us to see a side of the Ur-Didact that is not shown in the base game. It’s like the book trilogy on the Forerunners summarized and I think I shall reread it again when my book backlog is cleared! It reveals his backstory at a basic level.

These are the terminals that made me love the Didact as a character. Too often he gets underestimated and this can be the best fifteen minutes of my life when I decide to watch it. I may not do it daily, but if I decide to watch it, I must not be disturbed.

This is a fantastic fan-made music video of clips of War and Death fighting angels and demons with the Guardian theme playing in the background: a track from the second game that was criminally left out of the OST. What were they thinking? This is my favourite score from the game!

If life’s getting me down, I’ll just watch War and Death kick some ass, also do not disturb me when I watch this.

Be it cats, dogs, or both you love, this is what I prefer to see. These critters melt my heart; well any video like this does! It’s nice to see cats and dogs getting along.

When I need a good laugh, I’ll watch something like this, one of the very few Disney clips not infected by YouTube Kids’ restrictions.

I may not comment on things on YouTube anymore due to toxicity, but once in a while I enjoy reading funny ones on Disney clips. (If it weren’t for them, I would have never learned that Scroop and Death were voiced by the same actor any quicker!)

WRONG LEVER!!!!! The original scene of this will always be the best.

I told you Megatron has one of the best laughs right? Well, this one just proves it. I love listening to Megatron laugh that I want to laugh along with him.

Frank Welker’s still got it and I have to finish re-watching this series which I have on DVD after streaming it on Netflix.

And those are just some of the many videos I mever get tired of watching. If I listed all of them, then this post would be a lot longer.

This seems like a very aspie-ish post, like I said, but I don’t care, this is MY blog.


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