1 Year with Teletraan-1, Why I Built A PC

On January 2019, I decided to take a big step in gaming and technology. I decided to have my own gaming desktop built.

This was not something I took lightly, it was well thought out many months before.

It didn’t turn out exactly as planned due to some of the specs changed at the last minute the moment I went into the store, but I was happy with the results.

I do everything now on Teletraan-1, not just gaming, but since it was built just a few months before my licensing exam, I also used her to study, check my work email, write on this blog, watch movies, etc.

It was a lot of money to pay for her in total, but I also agreed with my parents to sell my old desktop to them so I got some money back. My old desktop was also a custom build my brother used to own, but it was much more basic since he had it made before he got a job.

One year later, Teletraan-1 is still kicking. I keep her clean, update her as often as I can, I take care of her like she’s my own child. When you spend a large amount of money on something you’re using daily, you definitely want to take care of it.

A good computer can last you maybe five years, but a well-cared for computer can last even longer. I have not got a new console ever since my 3DS in late 2013.

Now, as a PC gamer I see the major flaw in console gaming is if the company that makes them does not offer backward compatibility then you have to buy the latest console just to play the newer games. This is how they make money.

Like the PS5 was just announced last month and I wanted to shake my head at it. I haven’t used a PlayStation since the PS1, but if my brother were to get a PS5, then he’ll end up unplugging his PS4 and it’ll collect dust on the shelf or he’ll probably sell it.

That’s the flaw there, when a console company upgrades, I’m not ready to say goodbye to the older games I love on the older console, even if there is a game I want to play on the new one.

Like, there was an article I read about how many Animal Crossing players booted up New Leaf one last time prior to the release of New Horizons to say goodbye to their villages from the former. I didn’t understand it at all, like if the game’s not broken why abandon it? There are endless possibilities in games like that, even if you’ve managed to build your dream house and dream town. Oh well, I guess my perspective is different.

Many people shun away from PC gaming and building a PC of their own because of the belief that it is too expensive. Unless you are in serious financial debt, nothing is too expensive in my mind; just like the belief that you don’t have time for something, but you actually do and you choose to not make it a priority to do that activity when all of your responsibilities have been taken care of for the day.

The reality is, it’s all about what you prioritize your leisure expenses on. If you’re focusing on spending your money on multiple streaming subscriptions, or perhaps a cosplay project, and not putting any money towards a PC build, that is why you have come to the conclusion that you cannot afford it. But, if you sacrificed some expenses for a short while then maybe you will be able to afford to build one.

I wanted to have a PC built more than anything, so I temporarily sacrificed buying any new games, perfumes, and clothes for almost five months. Some of that money had to go towards Christmas shopping, but once that was done, I could resume saving.

I went onto PC Part Picker website and chose my specs to ensure they were compatible and not too expensive. I didn’t want to spend more than $3000 so I tried to pick things that were affordable but also gave me the performance to run certain games I wanted. Come January last year, I finalized my plan and asked my dad to take me to Canada Computers with my list. When we got there, I presented the list to them and said I wanted to have a PC built.

Surely, I could have simply bought the specs and built the PC myself, but I was really busy taking my training internship and studying for my licensing exam. Some of the specs were not in stock so the staff suggested some alternatives which I gave into, and the some parts had to be ordered.

Four weeks later, I got a call from CC that my computer was ready to pick up, so the next day my parents and I drove there and carried the big boxes to the car. Oh man they were heavy! There was a box for the case and everything in it, another for the monitor, and another for all the boxes the specs were in. My desk was clear and ready and I opened the box to see my beloved Teletraan-1. I plugged her in and booted it up and it was such a happy moment for me to see that she worked just fine. I’ve been happy to have her ever since and I hope we get many gaming years together.

But, to be prepared just in case, I want to keep PC gaming on a gaming desktop from now on, so I have started to put away savings in case she needs a component replaced or replaced entirely.

PC gaming may seem expensive at first, but in the long run, you actually save money because you don’t have to keep buying a new console to run newer games. I’m sure Teletraan-1 will be able to run Cyberpunk 2077 just fine if I choose to play it. She should be able to run Doom Eternal too.

Not only did I get into PC gaming due to its convenience, but I also enjoy having my games all in one place. I can play for as long as I like and I don’t have to arrange with my family to who gets to use the TV that has the Wii or Xbox on a Saturday night! I can just go upstairs after dinner, sit down, put my headset on and settle in for a night of escape into the gaming world.

Now that’s why I decided to build a PC. Will I ever build it myself one day? Yeah I’m sure I can learn. This post is not meant to persuade you to ditch your consoles, but I would encourage you to look at building a PC from a different light if it’s something you feel you want to do and if you believe it’s beyond your budget. It can be made possible, if you temporarily re-prioritize leisure expenses in order to save. Nothing can be achieved without sacrifice nor is anything permanent.

PC gaming also required me learn more about how computers work and it didn’t turn me into a tech whiz but I do enjoy learning new things!

Here’s to another year with Teletraan-1, may there be many more to come!


8 thoughts on “1 Year with Teletraan-1, Why I Built A PC”

  1. I’m saving up to build my first PC as we speak. It’ll probably be closer to the end of the year before I manage to get it all together but consoles are getting too close to the prices of a budget build yet without a lot of the benefits that PC’s bring. Also I love your build! I want to go for a dark look with a hint of pink RGB so very similar theme.

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    1. Glad to hear it, it takes time to save up but it’s sooo worth it in the end! I think that’s also why I stopped buying consoles, I imagine a Switch and the new PS5 will be a fortune upon first release and yeah I agree, you can build a PC for as low as $500 but it would still be worth it in the long run compared to a console.

      Thank you, my build doesn’t have as many lights as some other builds I’ve seen but I love how my Phanteks case has that tempered glass window so I can see my CPU cooler glow as it runs. It’s a Cooler Master RGB black I think and I can customize its colour. My keyboard and headset have lights too ^^


  2. Oh man, I recently built a new PC after months of saving and planning as well, and it’s super satisfying, especially after coming from a relatively old budget build that was only worth around $500. I’m actually gonna be writing about my own experiences too! 😄
    Prices are insane here (I live in the Philippines lol), but a good gaming rig is such a good investment that I eventually gave in to temptation and had to learn how to be reaaally thrifty for a few months just so I could get it built ASAP.

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  3. “I didn’t understand it at all, like if the game’s not broken why abandon it?”

    I agree with this. Before I would upgrade and forget my older games as a kid, but as I got older, that backward compatibility and stuff became a bit of a nuisance. For me now, unless my console actually breaks, I still use them XD.

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