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The Music Habits Tag

Aha! This is a tag for me to really turn it into my own devilish incarnation.

Reading the questions before deciding to do it myself made me think this is for passive music listeners but I guess people like me who cherish music as much as they would a pet can too. I do my months in music so let’s try this out.

Do you download songs or stream on apps like Spotify, Wink?

Download, always download the LEGAL way, I’m very possessive. If I love a song, it has to be mine so I can listen to it as much as I want without interruptions. Sometimes I go all old school and buy the physical album but I’m running out of space so I’m buying digital more often.

I can’t trust those stream demons like Spotify to preserve my music for eternity. Music is art to me and I support artists like no tomorrow. I want all my money to go to them. I want my music to be mine forever so I download and buy. I bought an external hard drive just for my collection. I’m a dinosaur.

What’s your favorite song?

Oh God, I love so many songs that it can be hard to choose! One of my current favourites is:

This badass song by Orden Ogan, my new favorite German band, sorry Powerwolf you’ve been upstaged.

This song is so powerful and worth belting out to.

Last song you listened to?

This beauty

It makes me think of War as I sing in a meadow of daisies. It’s so sad too but I love it.

Who are your all-time favourite artists?

This isn’t even a question

Have you been to any concerts?

Absolutely, first one was Taylor Swift.

I’ve seen Nightwish 2x, KISS 3x, Ghost 3x, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Scorpions, Epica, Sabaton 3x, Delain 2x, Hammerfall, Lordi, Katy Perry, Kamelot, did I get them all?

Do you play any instruments

I play some piano, but more as a hobby than professionally. I feel like I neglect it too much and don’t like to do it when people are around for some reason.

I should just play when nobody is watching. I wish I didn’t let it dwindle.

Do you play your songs on shuffle or choose a playlist

Another old school method is I still use an iPod!

Both, it depends on my mood and how long the commute/walk is. I also like to make playlists that tell stories.

Name one song that you always skip when on shuffle

Since I don’t stream, I’m more selective with what I add to my device, so I could never skip anything.

Do you prefer playing your songs on speaker or listening in ear/headphones

Headphones create a sense of “do not disturb” when I’m in my bedroom or on the bus. It allows me to sing into some well-deserved solitude while my music transports me to another world.

But I like to put it on speaker whenever I get the chance, there’s nothing more epic than surround sound.

Is there any popularly liked song that you don’t like?

Plenty, for example, I Feel it Coming by The Weeknd.

Another unnecessary sex song our society needs where they promote that what’s between her legs is more important than her personality. The chorus is also repetitive as fuck, it’s only three words!

He’s a talented singer, but he’s had better songs than that.

Where do you usually find new music, example through shuffle online?

What the hell does that mean shuffle online? Sorry, I’m old school remember?

Well sometimes on the radio, or from the music in movies/video games, friend recommendations which I then take to YouTube.

Do you like songs based on tunes/beats or lyrics

Both! The lyrics need to be catchy enough for me to sing it but I also love a good beat, riff, melody.

Take a good opening with piano or an epic guitar solo and the song will absorb me.

Name one song you think everyone should listen to

Sure thing, here listen to it now!

Well, anything by Sabaton really cause they are amazing and you can learn more history from them. This one is about the uprising in Warsaw during WWII it’s so powerful and it makes you want to scream the lyrics while jumping. I love to listen to it when I’m walking.

One time I was walking to the bus stop and during the final riffs I did a little dance and twirled with my umbrella. Didn’t give a shit if anyone saw. We should never forget out past and that’s why Sabaton is here.

Want to give this tag a go, copy and past the questions into your post.

Do You Download Songs or Stream on Apps Like Spotify, Wink?
What’s Your Current Favourite Song?
Last Song You Listened to?
Who Are Your All-time Favourite Artists?
Have You Been to Any Concerts?
Do You Play Any Instruments?
Do You Play Your Songs on Shuffle or Choose a Playlist?
Name One Song That You Always Skip When It Comes Up on Shuffle.
Do You Prefer Playing Songs on Speaker or Listening in Ear/headphones?
Is There Any Popularly Liked Song That You Don’t Like?
Where Do You Usually Find New Music? Example Through Shuffle Online, Recommendations.
Do You Like Songs Based on Tunes/beats or Lyrics?
Name One Song That You Think Everyone Should Listen to.

Happy writing!


5 thoughts on “The Music Habits Tag”

  1. I feel it. Whilst not really a positive or winning position right now, I always enjoy the slightly smug feeling of having a fully stocked iphone/pod with music I can listen to and enjoy whilst all the streamers suffer on a long haul flight. That investment in buying the the songs was all worth it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah exactly. Another advantage is no Internet connection required, although the streamers might argue that Spotify offers an offline mode, you have to pay for it. There’s also an investment in building your collection too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Also exclusivity and streaming rights. Occasionally dabble in the odd gaming soundtrack which are a pain if they fall under the EA umbrella which has shifted loyalties from amazon to apple? i think at present. Or…just download it and voila, problem solved

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes this is what I’m saying, streaming can’t license everything so what’s the solution? Buy! You can actually get game soundtracks on Steam for great deals. But I will never download illegally for as long as I live. I’ll just make a YouTube playlist.


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