Don’t Be Surprised I Will Still Rise

I tried to fall asleep again in the morning to see if that dream would continue, but no avail.

It was basically my own version of Katy Perry’s Rise music video, only this time I had large dragon wings instead of a parachute attached to me.

I was struggling to fly with them for the first time and the song would continue to play and motivate me until I started to sing with it.

What I love about this dream is that it’s one of those flying dreams where I overcome all the obstacles preventing me from soaring as high as possible.

I had one of those dreams the night before my final exam of my college program where I reached the very top of the sky into darkness, or out of the atmosphere which led to me going back to non-REM sleep or waking.

In this one, I fell a few times after taking off on a runway at the airport (it was empty there, don’t worry). This is why when I had wings in my dreams, I would try to take off like a plane in the beginning since running would motivate me to spread and flap them.

I continued to sing the song to motivate me and at first the flying was easy as I went over what looked like a golf course, but eventually it became tighter with an industrial park and tall electrical fences.

I have always hated seeing the latter in my flying dreams because they’re designed to be obstacles that could reflect ones in real life. But in dreams they are often unrealistic; standing several kilometers high and sometimes they are in the sky too.

I was bouncing off against them until I finally saw an opening above and soared upward while spinning through it until I finally reached whatever summit was out of the atmosphere.

It’s almost like if we had space travel equivalent to what you see in sci-fi, I’d want to get off this planet due to how horrible it’s become in the real world.

That’s my dream of the day, may there be another good one tonight.


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