Like I’m The Only Girl In The Fandom

Growing up, I was used to being the only girl in situations like groups in school or other activities. One year, I joined a social skills club that took place every Saturday afternoon and all of the other kids were guys, except me. Then there was the time I took drama class in high school, when we did tableau play, my group decided to do King Kong, I played Ann since I was the only girl in the group. Those are just some of the many examples where it’s only me.

I’m used to being the only girl when I made some friends in high school and that was the time where my geeky interests started to unfold and I found myself befriending more guys due to them than girls.

Even today I feel like that is still common with any fandoms I love.

Lately, I’ve noticed that in the geeky fandom, many of the female geeks I meet through blogs and social media tend to spend their time engrossed in say, Harry Potter (I wonder if this one is the most popular due to very relatable characters, magic, and conflict resolution in ways other than physical battles), various anime series, Animal Crossing, or any sort of fandom that has enough female characters to keep them intrigued. They also appear to be into fandoms that have a cute aspect to them. Now I am not bashing anyone who loves it more than I do to the point of obsession. I’m just making an observation. I could be wrong you know, maybe there are other bloggers out there like me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry Potter and grew up with it, but I’m not a die-hard fan who knows everything in the lore and what lies within the Wizarding World. In fact, a lot of universes I like greatly seem to not have as many female characters if we didn’t count the two BioWare series I love.

Gali is the blue one

When I was a kid, I at first did not want to get into any series that didn’t have enough girls in it, but that changed when my brother got into Bionicle. Once he told me one of the Toa was female; Gali, that got my attention and I told him I wanted to learn more. As soon as I learned more about her, I wanted to learn about the other Toa and the island as a whole.

During my childhood, there was the conception that were only boy interests and girl interests. Though I did go through a time playing with Barbie dolls, Polly Pocket, and even a forgotten gem called Ello Creation System (with that one I spent more time building the sets and telling stories than making jewelry with the pieces), I also had different interests that were considered boyish back then. Bionicle was one of them and so was Star Wars, and eventually others like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, and then came high school where I started getting into even more lasting interests that weren’t girlie or didn’t have a large number of female characters; which I would spend time trying to create a character for myself or imagine a larger female presence just so I didn’t feel too insecure about liking the fandom.

In elementary school, I played with Barbie dolls up until 6th grade and was being bullied for it and my behavioral issues that came with it. Kids liked to see me react when they said negative things about it, so I kept my “boyish” interests private fearing the same thing would happen, but unveiling some of them in high school didn’t quell any bullying unfortunately. Makes me think that parents out there didn’t raise their children properly to accept differences.

Adding Halo since I finished Halo 3 again last night.

Today in our society it no longer matters what you’re into, it can be for both boys and girls, but there is still a noticeable gender trend in the audience of each fandom. For example, I have only met a few other girls who like Halo as it still appears to be a male-dominated fandom while something like Animal Crossing could be more popular with girls. I love the latter, but I always end up binge playing Halo more even if I’m not the most skilled player at it! If we were to add “darker” video games by comparison, perhaps girls are more likely to get into The Last of Us while I am mesmerized by Darksiders.

Because of my interests being stereo-typically labelled as boyish and having a large male presence, that is why I have always been used to being the only girl in a group and having more male friends, as long as I avoid the idiots who make sexist remarks; I unfortunately encountered that when I joined a Bionicle group back when Google+ existed.

Like how many girls do you think would get into Darksiders? Well, it might be for you like stories about angels and demons, but not if you struggle with hack and slash games.

Do I wish that there were more female characters in say, Chaotic? Absolutely, I wrote about it for Andraste’s sake!

Sometimes I do feel alone in the blogging community, despite having found my niche. While I write about Darksiders, Halo, Lord of the Rings, etc. and what do those franchises all have in common? They have more male characters than female, but I think the lesson I learned as a child with Bionicle was that a fandom can have at least one main female character to get me interested, and then it doesn’t matter when I come to love it.

I’ve always had a tomboyish personality so it’s no wonder I get into these things more easily than other girls do. As long as the guys are able to tolerate my presence.


11 thoughts on “Like I’m The Only Girl In The Fandom”

  1. Interest read. Looking back I don’t recall having any female geeky friends in school/high school who wanted to interact in that aspect, outside huddling together talking about Pokemon and collectors cards sure but the geeky stuff seemed to only appeal to us there Boyos. Still as the great bob Dylan said, them times they are a changing so 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    1. I only had two female geek friends in high school. We both collected Chaotic cards. She liked the Overworld, and I liked the Underworld. It’s a trading card game and TV series overpopulated with boys hahaha. Though I wish there was a larger female presence in the TV show, still I love it.


  2. Bionicle!!!! My brother connected the figures, but whenever we would go to the Toy Store, we would each buy a bionicle and then put it together.

    I get what you mean. When I was growing up, I also played toy horses in 6th grade and me and my friend were mocked for it.

    I also love Halo and Gears of War and I would play online all the time with the guys because I liked doing those things and I didn’t know any girls who enjoyed that.

    Great post!

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    1. Thank you ❤ that’s what me and my brother did too with Bionicle! Then when he wanted to give them all away, I took in the Makuta for myself. Had him ever since.

      People are so dumb. Like just cause someone plays with horses or Barbie dolls a little longer, they’re not hurting you or anyone. 🤦‍♀️

      Well, now you know one other girl who loves Halo and GOW. Me 😉 I enjoyed playing Horde from the latter with my friends and Halo I played online and grinded even though I sucked a lot. Sometimes i would get lucky if I put my insecurities aside and I was the only girl in the party all the time. Now I just play those two series for the story.


      1. Yep same for the story. My favorite with Gears was the sniper rifle. Any time the sniper was available, I wanted it.

        Agreed. Girls can be so mean in middle school. Like who cares what you’re playing with?

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      2. Oh yeah cause with the sniper rifle, their heada explode when you hit em there. Feels great! I wear my own COG tags with pride.

        Yes unfortunately it was not just girls, but guys picked on me too. Deep down part of me still enjoys Barbie, one summer I binge watched a ton of Barbie films I never got to see as a child. Hey there’s a blog post idea!


  3. Oh, girl… you are so not alone! I’ve always been into “boy” hobbies, worked in male dominated fields, love a wide variety of video game genres (playing God of War now), and honestly just get along better with men than most of my fellow females. I could go off on a rant about gender roles and whatnot, but I won’t, haha. Keep being awesome!

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    1. Thank you!

      I don’t know why I find it easier to get along with guys, I just do. I still have some female friends but I don’t talk about my “boyish” interests around them, unless they are interested! I do have a feminine side: colours like pink, makeup, perfume, etc. but still. Talking about this makes me want to pull out Mask of Light again and watch it!

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  4. I’m in the same boat – I’ve always been interested in traditionally “male” things, like video games and stuff, and I’ve had some bad experiences trying to get into communities (like when I started playing Dungeons and Dragons) with serious gatekeeping. I’m glad more girls are pushing into these kinds of spheres, because it’s so much more comfortable when more females are present!

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    1. I sometimes don’t bother anymore getting into the community anymore due to lack of female presence. Ever comment on Facebook on a game page it’s full of men. They just unfortunately speak louder. I think there has always been girls who like stuff like this, we are just starting to make our presence known

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