I Ain’t Swimming In That

What a coincidence!

Last night when I was playing Darksiders III, I found Gluttony, the next sin that comes inside a kraken monster and constantly spits goo and tries to devour me.

And Fury said this was going to be easy! Well, you know what it’s like to get temporarily stuck at a boss fight and then you take a break for at least 24 hours to think it through. Lust took three tries in one sitting but with Gluttony, it was getting late so after four tries, I decided to take a break.

Sometimes you prevail and sometimes you don’t which results in more thinking. Whenever I get stuck, I look up some tips if more than three attempts on my own don’t work.

Anyway, I had this dream that the puvlic pool closest too me was open again, but it looked different from what I imagined with two levels. I was called to investigate why the lower pool was blocked off by a massive tentacles.

I wished Fury was with me for this. The tentacles were hard as metal and the simple slash from my blades did nothing.

A few minutes passed and the tentacles parted. I yelled at everyone to take cover in the changerooms and then the kraken’s face appeared. Gluttony was hidden on it somewhere. But I’m glad he didn’t show his face in this dream since he’s creepy as hell with all those teeth.

The kraken roared in my face, covering me in its gross saliva.

Well hello beastie!

My alarm went off before I could do anything like transform and fight the monster and Gluttony.

Why do I get the feeling this boss fight will become more of a pain, even if I get past where I’m currently stuck at? Well, I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not giving up.


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