TV Series

Windows To New Worlds

My new favourite series is back! I thought I wasn’t going to get a new season this year due to obvious reasons, but they must have finished filming it long before the pandemic begun.

I am excited because now I’m more familiar with the Multiverse after reading the first two books and I am currently on the third.

This trailer is now full of people and things I recognize from the second book.

The trailer opens with a great city, which I assume to be Cittagazze and Will and Lyra converse that they are both from different worlds.

I recognized Mary Malone right away as she showed Lyra her work and at some point there was a scene where she appeared to be in a room somewhere that looked like Lord Boreal’s office full of his trinkets.

Now I know why we were introduced to him and Will in the first season. It was to act as the prequel to the second book. The second book only summarizes Will’s life before he steps through the window on his own.

On top of that, it looks like we’ve got more witches, Mrs Coulter starting a search party, then we got a very brief scene of will brawling with Tullio for the knife. It was pretty graphic in the book so I wonder how HBO will execute that part.

Also, several clips show the window tearing between worlds which caused Specters to enter Cittagazze, so I do hope we’ll see those as well as angels in this season.

I will be doing one episode per season reviews again for this season and I look forward to it this fall. Bring on the thrill!


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