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A Time to Rise on one Final Dawn of Mercy – Music of July 2020

This month has been great for music. I’ve picked, in my mind, a lot of great stuff.

I feel like I’m running out of room for physical CDs so I’m buying digital more these days. At least so I’m still able to call it mine.

Deep Purple – Child In Time

You have to wait a little while listening to this before it gets to the good part.

It’s the wonder of nature baby!! I was watching Twister on the night of a storm and have been searching for this song since I was a kid. Now, I’ve found it and it’s great.

Is it wrong for me to only like the heavy parts? I just think about Dusty when I listen to this since he’s one of the best characters in the movie.

Katy Perry – Rise

Inspired by that dream I had a few weeks ago when I was trying to take off on different runaways while singing this song, until I succeeded.

Whether it’s with wings or a parachute, we all prevail at some point in our lives at something we strive for. This song makes me want to fly and I continue to pictureyself with my own wings and learning how to use them as this plays.

Very underrated Katy Perry song.

One Final Effort – Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori

Halo 3 came out on PC this month and I was playing it a lot. This is my favorite score from it. If I stuck to playing the piano today, I would probably be able to play this by now.

All I can say is that it’s amazing and it’s like I’m in my Hornet again fighting two Scarabs blocking my way to the Prophet of Truth all over again.

Orden Ogan – In The Dawn Of The AI

A new single by Orden Ogan for their upcoming album Final Days. This sounds just like the way I love them and they continue to impress me.

I feel like it reminds me of Mass Effect because of it being about the rise of artificial intelligence, and what did that lead to in ME? Reapers.

I also heard in the instrumental that there were sounds from a phone like when you used to dial to connect to the Internet! Oh Orden Ogan, why do you do this to me and my heart? I can’t wait for their new album!

Within Temptation – Mercy Mirror

This beautiful song is from Within Temptation’s latest album which I bought digitally. I think my friend predicted I would love this song.

It has such a pretty sad tune and I dedicate it to my dear Red Horseman War. I think of myself standing in a meadow singing to him while holding a flower (which is torn between a daisy or a rose) I love it so much I wish my voice was equal to Sharon’s so I could sing it.

So, that’s it for this month, what a good selection I chose! It’s really hot out today and I think tonight I’m gonna start watching a new show with my mom.


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