Strike The Storm

This dream serves as a reminder that I really should not abandon Emi Takori’s (my Star Wars OC) story in my fanfiction. But I find it difficult to balance writing that along with my blog while working full time and I find myself no longer enjoying working on the former as I used to. ☹

But I am literally lost about what her fate will be in the Star Wars universe other than the intensifying love triangle she is currently stuck in with Plo Koon; who was there when she needed him the most and her childhood friend Kit Fisto.

What I did put together for the future was Plo Koon returning from Dorin in the planned third volume and he and Emi try to go on a secret date to rekindle their relationship and seal it. They go to dinner and dance as well.

In this dream, I was in Emi’s shoes and just as I met Plo Koon, he marvelled at how beautiful I was. I was wearing a dark burgundy dress and he was wearing well…whatever the formal apparel Kel Dor wear! I took out my purse and told him that we should place our lightsabers in there. That would be the only way for the public to recognize us as Jedi.

After dinner, we were dancing when suddenly the room went dark with the ground shaking. I clung onto Plo and and flashes of red lightning lit up the room as they were seen from the window.

Something was creeping in the shadows picking other guests off one by one and there was a blood curdling laugh heard somewhere nearby. I told Plo we should get our weapons out, but suddenly the nearest window shattered, letting the strong wind blow as the red lightning continued to flash. All at once, the light blinded us.

Then my alarm clock went off. Seriously, either these dreams are too short, or I’m not bothering to retain more of the information from them.

Though I do remember seeing a rainbow out my window in the temple earlier in the dream, it gave me a sense of hope.


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