No Heart Is Made of Stone

I found it hard to like this DLC at first, but it's definitely got some hard hits right through my soul at certain moments. This is the first one I chose to pursue and the game recommends you don't attempt to start its content until you are at least level 30. In this DLC you… Continue reading No Heart Is Made of Stone

Music and Bands

Pray Bumblebees find Eva and Shanti Soon – Music of August 2020

Well here we are, another month where I have trouble deciding what to pick for music! I try not to pick songs by certain artists/bands two months in a row in order to have a variety, but sometimes situations in life arise where there's a song by them that totally fits it. The Weeknd feat.… Continue reading Pray Bumblebees find Eva and Shanti Soon – Music of August 2020

TV Series

The Witcher S1 E1 – The End’s Beginning

Welcome to the first episode. I will try to do one of these every week. So to start this off, the series takes place at different times for each character before they begin to align, which makes it hard to follow at first. That is why I decided to watch through it again. I will… Continue reading The Witcher S1 E1 – The End’s Beginning

TV Series

Tossing Coins to Witchers

I'm really enjoying Netflix's new Witcher series and am just wrapping up my second session of watching the first season. It may be hard to follow at first because each character's story arc starts at different times before they gradually begin to catch up to each other. But, once you go through it again, it… Continue reading Tossing Coins to Witchers


Don’t Call Me Bro

I always thought that the problem online and offline in our society of which pronoun we use among others was only a problem for transgender people. Think again. I think that even cisgender people deal with this problem too, especially on the Internet. In our modern day society, we have now separated biological sex and… Continue reading Don’t Call Me Bro


The Amber Spyglass – Republic of Heaven

Well pyjaks, I did it, I finished this amazing trilogy and there is so much ground to cover! The more I read, the more complex it became. There's still a lot of concepts that I do not understand and it makes me wish I that I read the Bible in order to do so. But… Continue reading The Amber Spyglass – Republic of Heaven


No Need To Run, I’m Just Waiting For Someone

I have no interest in getting married now or anytime in the future, but in this dream, I felt like I was running around in a wedding dress the whole time. It was at a concert venue and I was first in line outside the building talking to people and many of them were asking… Continue reading No Need To Run, I’m Just Waiting For Someone


Terminator, Abductor, and Serpent

I've forced myself to wear earplugs to bed because my ceiling fan makes too much noise. Along with an eye mask, because my bedroom is just not dark enough! Too many needs! So, this was definitely an epic vivid dream with a crossover of fandoms where I had to escape numerous times, only to be… Continue reading Terminator, Abductor, and Serpent


In The Dawn of the Apocalyptic AI

Good thing I get an extra day off, otherwise I'd be scrambling to try and write this dream during my lunch break. I worked the Civic long weekend so that's why I'm here now. I didn't want to use the word apocalypse in this article's title, but it was the only thing that fit. To… Continue reading In The Dawn of the Apocalyptic AI