In The Dawn of the Apocalyptic AI

Good thing I get an extra day off, otherwise I’d be scrambling to try and write this dream during my lunch break. I worked the Civic long weekend so that’s why I’m here now.

I didn’t want to use the word apocalypse in this article’s title, but it was the only thing that fit. To me, a real apocalypse is when angels and demons are fighting in the streets causing tons of collateral damage and then four horsemen arrive to quell the conflict. Or, an apocalypse could be the Reapers descending from the sky to harvest us.

Anyway, this is not what this post is about. It’s about a dream I had about an actual apocalypse and that dream made me wake up swooning and go for a walk blasting Orden Ogan in an attempt to recall it.

I remember it started with the sky darkening, like a giant ship was over the city. Instead there was thunder and lightning. Some people were screaming and already making for the nearest shelter while some other idiots were filming the damn thing! I just stood there silently looking up at it waiting for something to happen. Was there going to be an invasion? A storm?

All of a sudden the lightning struck the nearest building and electricity emitted all over it. Hundreds of people ran out of it and those who were caught in the lighting, disintegrated in the form of pixels. I started running with everyone else with nowhere to go as more building. If only I could just become the Dragon Master and get out of the crowd, but these forces were beyond my abilities.

Then there were strange robots jumping down from strange round space ships that looked similar to the ones from Independence Day, but these robots looked a lot like a crossover between terminators and reaper marauders. They were carrying beam rifles that emitted the same lightning bolts from the sky.

I started to run faster and turned a corner where less people were running and the sky got darker. I turned another corner and another and then I soon found myself on an empty road where the wind was howling and cars were flipped. Someone on the ground had shot themselves to avoid being disintegrated. Leaves scattered from the breeze and I knew now that my survival was the most important. The lighting could strike again at anytime.

It was too quiet and I could no longer hear the screams of other fleeing citizens. Had they all been killed? Then from the top of a nearby building, another one of those robots was spotted and before it could aim its weapon on me, a blast of blue plasma hit knocking it to the ground. I spun around to see an oval-shaped starship hovering over the road, its back door open and there stood Seeb holding a ray gun. He was donned in some kind of armor that looked just like he wore in the band’s latest music video.

But there was no time to let my heart swoon. He beckoned me to get aboard, I took his hand, and he pulled me onto the ship as the lighting began to summon more of those robots. I overheard Dirk from the ship’s front say we had to leave now and the ship’s door closed.

I asked Seeb why he had only rescued me and not anyone else and he said that I was destined to help him and his band mates lead the resistance against these machines. Ooooh now why do I sense this becoming like a movie with a side romance? The ship was moving upward fast and I followed him to the ship’s bridge where Dirk, Niels, Tobi and Patrick (Tobi hasn’t officially left the band IRL, but he’s taking personal leave, so yeah I’m putting him and Patrick in this dream) were at different stations on the bridge and Dirk was piloting.

The bridge reminded me of a layout of what the Yautja pilot with many red screens and triangular symbols too.

Seeb sat down on a central throne, so yeah he’s the captain. I asked him where we were going and he said to another planet where the rebellion was gathered. But there was no doubt the AIs would follow us.

I looked out the side window to see the Earth becoming smaller by the minute. Seeb came up beside me and asked me once again if I would join him. I said yes.

That was when I woke up, but surely if the dream were to continue, he would have told me more about the motives of these AIs and where they came from. Why did they attack Earth? Would Seeb and I become closer as the fight rages on?

I can’t help but wonder if this dream reflects my inner desire to obtain my own starship equipped with a hyperdrive for fast interstellar and intergalactic travel, if we had the technology, so I can get off this planet that has gone to shit the last four years and now it’s even worse for obvious reasons.

Sigh, a girl can dream. Their new album should be out later this month and I can’t wait!


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