Have You Ever? – Fandom Edition

I love these tags! Another one I discovered through Michelle, I decided it’s time to try this one too.

Have you ever made fan art?

Many times, I don’t draw that much anymore though. I’m old school and draw everything by hand in a sketchbook. The last fan art I made was of Plo Koon, my favorite Jedi. ❤

Watch the Clone Wars and you’ll see why I love him so much. The only place I publish my fan art is my social media pages. I have no desire to join deviantart, I don’t think I could handle the criticism there!

I feel like I have artist’s block, but maybe what I need to do is not worry so much and just sit down and draw the first thing that comes to mind.

Have you ever written fanfiction?

Yes, I publish my work on Wattpad. My most successful piece stars Shan Yu from Mulan. I spent all of summer 2016 working on it publishing chapters on a weekly basis.

I self-insert a lot too but it’s fun to have a connection like that to my stories! I don’t really write fanfiction anymore due to lack of good ideas, despite many ones that have come to mind on unfinished pieces or potential new ones. Now, I’d rather just write short stories of the dreams I have here.

Have you ever gone to a special event for a fandom? (midnight releases, etc.)

Definitely not midnight releases because I am not a night owl! But, I have been to a Transformers-themed convention called TFCon which is basically the Canadian version of BotCon from the US.

It’s a much smaller more intimate con than Fan Expo that I heard about from a fellow fan while I was in college. I have only been there twice but I would love to browse all the merch stands and buy mostly small stuff like Autobot and Decepticon earrings and a homemade necklace with Optimus on it.

Though it’s a small con, a lot of special guests have appeared at it and I got the honor of meeting Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus the last time I went.

Have you ever been active in a fandom community online?

Yes, I was quite active in the Halo and Ghost fandom, but after a while, I decided to withdraw because of toxicity and bullying.

I am also currently an admin for a Facebook group dedicated to Mass Effect and Dragon Age, but I limit my interactions there due to the hate Andromeda still gets. Nowadays, I don’t really get active in fandoms due to drama always rising.

Withdrawing from a fandom doesn’t mean I stop liking the game, band, series, etc. it just means I focus on doing my own thing with it, without joining any online communities.

Have you ever made friends because of mutual fandoms?

Absolutely, though I have withdrawn from fandoms online, I still maintain friendships from fandoms like Halo and Lordi.

Some of my friends from college and concerts like Stardew Valley as well. So we sometimes chat about our farms and who we married in the game.

Want to do this tag? Here are the questions for you to copy and paste.

Have you ever made fan art?

Have you ever written fan fiction?

Have your ever gone to a special event for a fandom? (midnight releases, etc.)

Have you ever been active in a fandom community online?

Have you ever made friends because of mutual fandoms?

Happy writing!


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