No Need To Run, I’m Just Waiting For Someone

I have no interest in getting married now or anytime in the future, but in this dream, I felt like I was running around in a wedding dress the whole time.

It was at a concert venue and I was first in line outside the building talking to people and many of them were asking why I was wearing it. During that time, I had no clue I was in a wedding dress. It’s like a dream where you’re naked and don’t even know it until it’s too late.

I think the dress was a long-sleeved lace one, but not too old lady-ish and my hair was down without a veil.

People were staring at me and kept asking why I was dressed like that, and I answered like I had no clue what they were talking about, and then once security let us in, it was like the whole scenario changed. I was already in the room where the stage was and I heard In The Dawn of the AI playing, but Orden Ogan was nowhere to be found on the stage. I ran around the venue searching while people were sitting down, and I was trying not to trip over my dress.

Then I wandered into a brightly-lit jewelry store still searching for whatever or whoever, that I was supposed to be marrying. The clerk pointed out my dress and asked me if I was a lost bride searching for her groom. I told her I didn’t know.

I ran back to the stage area to see five familiar figures appear as the same song started again. As soon as I saw who they were, I was rushing towards the stage, Seeb turned to see me and smiled, but I woke up as soon as I reached him.

What is with all these wonderful Orden Ogan dreams? And why do a lot of them have to end just before the part that’s supposed to be the best part? Oh wait, it’s because their new album will be out in two weeks, so I’ve been thinking and dreaming about them a lot. If my friends were to read this, they’d say I was supposed to marry Seeb in this! (Don’t worry, if he has a girlfriend in real life I will respect that, it’s okay to have a crush on him though and that’s what this is only!)

I’ve had way more than just the ones that make it onto this blog, but the remaining are a little too intimate to write on a public site! I will not reveal bwahahahaha! Then again, I’ve also had some dreams about them that did get to the good part before I wake up too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have pizza waiting.


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