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Tossing Coins to Witchers

I’m really enjoying Netflix’s new Witcher series and am just wrapping up my second session of watching the first season.

It may be hard to follow at first because each character’s story arc starts at different times before they gradually begin to catch up to each other. But, once you go through it again, it becomes easier.

I’m thinking about doing episode reviews soon, before or after HDM.

Yennefer’s story is my favourite, that I can tell you right now. So please keep an eye out.


8 thoughts on “Tossing Coins to Witchers”

    1. That’s why when I write the reviews I will separate each part by times, like when I got to the episode Banquets, bastards yadda yadda I was like wait isn’t Calanthe dead, who’s Pavetta and why has Yennefer’s plot suddenly jumped three decades. I know what you mean.

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