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The Witcher S1 E1 – The End’s Beginning

Welcome to the first episode. I will try to do one of these every week. So to start this off, the series takes place at different times for each character before they begin to align, which makes it hard to follow at first. That is why I decided to watch through it again.

I will be doing these split up in each year per review until the timelines align. So, let’s get going.

Geralt (1231)

Geralt’s story starts with him returning from a kikimore contract and he enters the village of Blaviken and meets Renfri and Stregabor, both trying to kill one another. The former has grown up with the intention that she was cursed due to being born during an eclipse

I’ve heard of many curses in this universe, but the Curse of the Black Sun is only a myth apparently. Renfri tries to seduce Geralt to take her side on the matter but witchers are known for being neutral, something I’ve always seen in the game.

The conflict results in him mortally wounding Renfri and killing a few others while at it, therefore you have the Butcher of Blaviken everyone! Not a bad start and to be honest, when I look at Geralt in this series, I see only Geralt and not Henry playing Geralt, that means the actor’s nailing it.

Ciri (1263)

Ciri’s storyline is supposed to take place in the most recent time leading up to the games I think. Her grandmother Queen Calanthe is an interesting character who prefers to be out on the battlefield rather than cooped up in her castle all the time.

I wasn’t turned on by Ciri as a character in this show just yet, but the suspense of the Nilfgaardians invading Cintra had me on the edge of my seat. Watching every noble in the castle drink poison as the enemy stormed it, well would you rather die from that or by the sword? Take your pick! What’s weird is that I didn’t show a lot of interest in her plot in this series, but in this episode, I was.

Ciri manages to flee and once again we see Elder Blood powers being triggered by screams. Why is it done like that? I’ll never understand that.

Nevertheless, this series is off to a good start.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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