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Pray Bumblebees find Eva and Shanti Soon – Music of August 2020

Well here we are, another month where I have trouble deciding what to pick for music! I try not to pick songs by certain artists/bands two months in a row in order to have a variety, but sometimes situations in life arise where there’s a song by them that totally fits it.

The Weeknd feat. Kendrick Lamar – Pray For Me

I know I mentioned in my Music Habits Tag post that there was a song by The Weeknd that I didn’t like, don’t worry it’s not this one! This one came into my head after I heard the devastating news that Chadwick Boseman passed away two days ago.

He was only 43 years old and had been battling colon cancer for three years (stage 3 I think), which means he was still fighting it while filming Black Panther. Too young man, too young to leave this world, fuck cancer.

This song plays during the scene where T’Challa, Nakia, and Okoye visit that casino in South Korea. It was hilarious when Okoye complained about the wig she had to wear and was very satisfied when she could finally take it off and throw it at those henchmen!

I don’t love this song, but it’s here as a tribute to Chadwick. I also watched Black Panther a few nights ago in honor of him. It’s the last Marvel film I’ve seen but it’s one of the best, so many great scenes and strong black women too.

Rest in peace Chadwick and long live King T’Challa. Wakanda forever!

Bambee – Bumblebee

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my guilty pleasure song. It’s so damn adorable, even if it sounds a little juvenile, but I don’t care, I love it.

I first heard it back when I still made tribute videos on YouTube, and one of my subscribers at the time showed me one of her anime videos with this song. I thought the song was cute, and then I didn’t hear it again until I was playing Dance Dance Revolution at an arcade. I was selecting my song and then when I heard it again as I scrolled, I suddenly recalled it from earlier and danced to it twice on the game. My performance wasn’t the greatest, but I was happy to hear the song again!

It makes me think of two bumblebees. The real once and of course Bumblebee himself. It’s so cute and happy, I love to listen to it when I need some uplifting.

Nightwish – Eva

I always love Nightwish’s slower prettier songs like this one for instance. Annette Olson is so underrated and I don’t pay attention to this very often, but now I do. The piano in this is SO beautiful!

If my friend saw this, he would watch me like a hawk because he’s suspecting I may have a crush on Tuomas. I mean, I’ve loved Nightwish for years and I’m not a die-hard like him, but they still have a special place in my heart because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have discovered similar bands.

But now that I think about it, how could I not have a crush on Tuomas? He’s practically a heartthrob in the fandom, so many girls (and maybe gay guys) love him, the long hair, smile, top hat and mustache are enough to make you swoon if you like metal guys……… okay that’s enough, I better stop before more suspicion arises.

Anyway, this song makes me think of myself at the Throat of the World spending time with Paarthurnax, which is what I’d rather do than help the Blades with stuff on their own agenda. If only there were more words of power you could meditate on with him! I bet more people would play the main quest right away in the game if the Blades just didn’t exist and it was replaced with anything that didn’t involve them.

This is a pretty song and I just wish I could go up and live on that mountain in seclusion until this damn pandemic dies.

Babymetal – Shanti Shanti Shanti

I first heard of Babymetal from my friend from France, they’re a combination of metal and J-pop. A lot of people seem to hate those things merged for some reason. Did other groups try to do it and it didn’t turn out well? It seems that Babymetal is a band that is either loved or hated.

I do not hate any bands, but I decided to give Babymetal a chance when that friend of mine began to write a fanfiction featuring them and Orden Ogan. I found this song and you know what, I actually like it! It’s catchy and it makes me want to dance and headbang, it’s like you can do both to it, whatever you prefer. It has the Japanese feel and lyrics to it, but the metal sound and riffs are still prominent. No wonder they’ve become a success and have even met some iconic metal stars.

My friend also has a crush on the lead singer Su-Metal which is adorable, and the concept of the Fox God, which he explores in the fanfiction is intriguing (I feel like all I’ve been doing these days besides working and gaming is reading that fanfiction because it makes me melt and his writing has significantly improved the last time I read his work, he’s also published his own book and I’m happy for him). I still have to explore this band more, but I think now it’s safe to say that this is the song I like the most to start with.

Orden Ogan – Too Soon

Oh, speaking of Orden Ogan, they have always put at least one or two ballads on their albums and this one is definitely my favorite. It’s so beautiful, it’s one of those arm-waving songs and I can’t stop singing it.

It’s also sad too, like grieving the loss of a loved one. Ohhh Seeb, your voice in this song makes me swoon, I love you. 💘😘

It makes me think of a potential intimate scene in my friend’s fanfiction between my character and Seeb, this song is playing during the scene surrounded by billions of stars.

Even if that’s not how my friend ends up writing that scene of the story, I will still appreciate and enjoy it the way it is, even if I pictured it differently. I actually forgot this song existed because when I first listened to the album, I had a bad headache and was lying in the dark as it played and I only know this one was at the very end.

Then I heard it again while I was out for a walk last month with my iPod on shuffle and this song started to play, and I almost cried at how beautiful it was.

It also does represent some sorrow I’m going through right now because I recall that Final Days I thought for sure would be out this month and I was having all these dreams about the band prior to that, like when they save me from a AI apocalypse and then I attend what’s supposed to be one of their concerts and I’m searching for them while wearing a wedding dress. Not as memorable as the others but still.

Now the album has been postponed until November 13th, is there anything that ISN’T affected by this bloody virus? Hopefully this release date is final this time.

The boredom is starting to get to me. I remember when this first started, I was like whoohoo more time for video games when I’m not at work! But now even with restrictions lifted slightly, I am missing going to concerts, conventions, and going out with friends or to simply run errands without rules. I also miss travelling, even if it’s just to a lodge for a weekend.

Well, that’s it for now, I’m publishing this a day early but no big. I don’t have much to do today so I might as well do this. These are fun to write because I like to listen to each song as I write about them.

Farewell, for now *Vulgrim laugh*


2 thoughts on “Pray Bumblebees find Eva and Shanti Soon – Music of August 2020”

    1. My favorite song from the soundtrack is All The Stars which I featured in an earlier post of this. It’s not something I normally listen to since I am more of a heavy metal/pop/classical person, but BP was such a good movie that I had to.


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