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The Witcher S1 E2 – Four Marks

Welcome to another Witcher episode breakdown, I’m going to jump straight into it and separate each character arc once again, along with their respective time to make it easier for you to follow along.

Yennefer (1206)

This episode introduces Yennefer, who I was looking forward to seeing. The fandom was right about her being a hunchback along with some noticeable deformity in her face. At least her eyes are pretty. Her deformity is caused by her blood being half-elven, and her magic powers are discovered when she teleports herself to safety within Aretuza from a couple in her hometown Vengerberg, bullying her.

I was trying to understand why she was struggling at first to learn magic at Aretuza and cringed every time Tissaia called her “piglet”, but she only had Istredd to support her. Just when she thought she was leaving her abusive past behind, she’s far from being treated better.

We’re also introduced to many other sorceresses to be like Sabrina and Fringilla and one thing I have noticed about these sorceresses, is that they all have fancy names! Why did Tissaia turn the other girls into eels other than to power up Aretuza? Were they girls that failed to pass certain trials or something? No matter, Yen’s still one of my favorite characters, so I’m excited where this goes.

Geralt (1240)

“Don’t touch Roach!” Geralt’s plot starts when he meets the cheery bard Jaskier and my first thought was: That’s not Dandelion! Henry continues to nail the role, as Geralt and Jaskier investigate some thefts and meet a Sylvan along the way.

Geralt eventually encourages their captors to seek a better life, showing that witchers are more than just monster-slayers. That always reminded me of my time in the games where I wouldn’t kill a monster that wasn’t a threat, like that chained up shaelmar.

The plot for this one wasn’t exciting to me, but it did give us the catchy song Toss a Coin To Your Witcher which I prefer to see over all those Baby Yoda memes since I personally don’t perceive the latter as cute. Now the song has been covered numerous times, there’s even a metal cover too. Sing it with me now! Toss a coin to your witcher, o’valley of plenty…..

Ciri (1263)

Ciri is still on the run from her pursuers, she even tries to dye her hair with mud so she won’t be recognized. Looking at the way her hair is, it reminds me of how I used to do my hair until my last cut. She meets an elf named Dara and I can already see some characters are being changed colour here, doesn’t bother me but still.

She spends some time at a refugee camp that is then attacked by the forces of Cahir, which I didn’t know who that was at first, but after my second watch of this episode, I realized Cahir was the guy who managed to abduct Ciri but she escaped him with her power. I really hope her story gets better because it’s still far from enjoyable to me, but I most certainly don’t hate it.

This episode was just as good as the last, especially now that it has introduced us Yennefer.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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