Fire In The Sky

I’ve been waiting for you…

On this day we die…🎶

I stayed up a little later than usual reading and rolled some lavender on my neck before I went to sleep. Then I drifted off to dreamland like I always do.

In this dream I saw that anusement parks were open again, concerts were playing, and people were happy again. Some of my favorite musicians were even teaming up to make hilarious cameos.

And I was hang gliding above it all singing, In The Dawn of the AI, Orden Ogan’s latest single that has been my head and heart since its release.

I preordered their album from the record label long before I found out the release date had been postponed and am also expecting a T-shirt as well. Despite the change in release date, I still hope AFM ships it on time.

I almost ordered a bundle containing autographed cards but decided not to because I prefer to acquire signed stuff in person and it’s personalized.

I’ve always wanted to try hang gliding someday and now I’m singing a different song while flying in my dreams and listening to the uproar of people having fun again.

Nothing too special about this dream, just another flying dream where I sing a song I love and spot a musician I love.

One more shift, and the long weekend will be here.


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