Say Hello To Clara

There are times when I often shun something that I think doesn’t suit my needs or values. But sometimes, I have a change of heart when the time permits it.

I love to read books and most of the time I will read a chapter in bed and then lights out. But, I’ve got a small bookshelf and am running out of room.

I’ve heard of the benefits of e-readers, they’re easier to travel with and eco-friendly. I frequently dismissed getting one because it was not the same as holding a physical book in my hands and just like music, I like to own my books as well. Depending on the ereader, you have the option to either buy your books or borrow them.

When I realized I was almost out of shelf space and didn’t have the space to expand that shelf, I reconsidered ereaders. Everyone in my family had one except me. I know some people with Kobos and others with Kindles. I did some research to compare the two based on my needs, as well as revisiting the benefits, and eventually decided that the Kobo was the best option.

I went to the bookstore and got my Kobo Clara HD and a red case for it. There were larger versions available, but this one appealed to me the most.

Right now I’m currently reading Darksiders: The Abomination Vault. Before I got one, I started reading books on my phone when I didn’t have any space in my purse to bring books to work. The only problem with that was that it didn’t have the brightness settings that an ereader came with.

Now, I love my Clara, I’ve made a long wishlist of books I want to read, reread from the past, and even some series that I never finished like The Princess Diaries (I only read volumes III, V, VII, and VIII) My dad’s been trying to persuade me to connect the Kobo to our local library because then I can borrow from there. But I prefer to read at my own pace so I buy instead.

I still love physical books too and I will buy them when space permits it again and when I really love a book and want to support the author.

So you can officially welcome me to the ereader club! Perhaps you can tell me a little about yours!


16 thoughts on “Say Hello To Clara”

    1. I tried to get into Kindle but what made me choose not to is it has a bunch of extra features that I don’t really need. I just need something to read on. Plus support is only online whereas Kobo you can get support at your local bookstore so Kobo was a win for me. Different strokes for different folks.

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  1. I bought a Kobo Aura H20 a couple of years ago and have been really surprised just how much used I’ve gotten out of it. I resisted buying an e-reader for a long time because I didn’t think anything could beat ink on paper but the Kobo really has converted me, not least because the backlight allows me to read regardless of the lighting.

    The real killer feature for me, though, is that it comes with Pocket integration. So if I see something interesting online, I can add it to Pocket and then read it, in comfort, on the Kobo.

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    1. My mom has the Aura and I liked the size of it but I think it’s been discontinued. The Clara has a nice brightness feature both warm and cool. I’ve even found graphic novels in the Kobo store too.

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      1. The red-shifted brightness feature does make the Kobo very comfortable to read in the evening.

        I have tried to read graphic novels on the Kobo but have found that they never quite scale properly. For prose, it’s great, but for graphic novels I am sticking with paper for now.

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      2. Yes that’s my favorite part of it. I’m not nitpicky so it doesn’t bother me. But they do take up more space on the device so after I finish reading one, I remove the download.

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      3. It may have been the specific book, which admittedly didn’t come from the Kobo store. But I found that the reader was cropping the edges of the page which eventually became problematic enough for me to give up on it.

        It sounds like you are having a better experience than I did, so maybe I should take another look.

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  2. I’ve been addicted to my kindle for over 8 years now. Not having a home and storage owning physical books is an impossibility so my kindle is my saving grace especially since most libraries have been dismantled by the government as institutions of white oppression and relics of colonialism so I can’t even borrow as I used to do when I was little…

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      1. It is tragic. I’m from South Africa, they’ve been burning down a few libraries some because they’re seen as colonial and others were burnt down due to poor service delivery from municipalities and protests turned violent and ended up destroying the libraries. There’s some attempts to provide mobile libraries to promote literacy but funding is difficult and usually comes from NGOs.


  3. I’m the type of person who will pretty much take books in any form, but as a disabled woman e-books have been a lifesaver. When I went back to University to study English Literature I wasn’t able to physically carry around all the books the courses required. The first time I attended University e-books technology wasn’t quite up to speed and we used to have to photocopy everything. So the second time around it was so much easier to have everything on a laptop and e-reader.

    My fiance was also so much happier when I got an e-reader because the weight of our suitcases dramatically went down when we went on holiday 😀

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    1. What kind of ereader do you have? Yes they are much easier to travel with than taking a pile of books, especially if you know you’re going to finish one of them before the end of your trip.


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