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The Witcher S1 E3 – Betrayer Moon

After watching this episode, I think it’s become my favorite of this season. It deals with the striga curse and Yennefer’s transformation primarily, the latter was something I was looking forward to.

Alright here we go!

Yennefer (1210)

So Yen’s timeline has jumped significantly and I didn’t understand why it opened with her having sex with Istredd while everyone else was watching. What was the point of that?

At least the rest was good, Yen comes across an opportunity to make herself look more beautiful, but not before she dumps Istredd for being involved in the plot to send her to Nilfgaard instead of Aedirn.

She undergoes her transformation and the only things she chooses to keep are her violet eyes and the scars on her wrist; the latter certainly obtained from the abuse she endured, so why hide that? Whatever magic that guy used, it was clearly painful and perhaps could only be done through sacrifice of her fertility, which she does so willingly, at the time it seems. Back then it seems the only thing Yen cared about was to make herself beautiful.

Nevertheless, it was my favourite part to watch of this episode and when she emerges with her new look, she wins her place as advisor to the king of Aedirn which made me happy.

Geralt (1243)

Geralt’s story for this episode was great too because it reminds me of the opening cinematic of the first game. He travels to Temeria after learning about the death of another witcher at the hands of a monster. Since we’re entering Temeria, this episode introduces Triss Merigold and she’s definitely not the same in the games, but it was still good to see her. I may be team Yen, but I still like Triss to some degree. She was the only one who wants to help Geralt with the monster. King Foltest just wanted to be left alone to gorge.

It was pretty disturbing seeing all those bodies in sand and Geralt is able to deduce that the monster that killed these men is a striga: which is not born a monster but a human woman turned into one by a curse (curses in the witcher universe are pretty disturbing and I’ll get to more of that in the next episode), but little is known about how or why the curse is cast.

In this series, Ostrit has cast the curse on Adda the White, daughter of Adda of Temeria who was King Foltest’s sister. Ostrit was jealous of the princess’ incestuous relationship with Foltest, cast it on the former’s daughter of the same name before her birth.

The striga looked like a female version of a drowner screaming and screaming, but Geralt was able to successfully lift the curse in the end.

Ciri (1263)

As usual, Ciri’s timeline has barely budged because it takes place in the most present of events. She enters Brokilon forest with Dara attempting to follow her. Is this supposed to lead her to Geralt?

She’s in some kind of trance as she enters the forest and not much happens to her in this episode after that. I guess we’ll have to wait until the next one.

So I loved how this episode focused immensely on the big events surrounding Geralt and Yen, even having her transformation and his battle with the striga happening simultaneously in different times. Both of them get what they want in the end. He gets his coin and she goes to Aedirn.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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