Deployed in Paris

Reading this title makes it sound like you’re in the military and you’ve been posted in well, Paris of course! I mean, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, before this stupid pandemic hit my mom told me she was hoping we could go there together. She’s already been there with dad, but she knows I want to see it too.

I haven’t had a Transformers dream in a long time and this is another one that gives me flashbacks to the time I loved the Bay films, binge watched them and for some reason I would always dress up whenever I did.

It’s like Dark of the Moon but without the military, in Paris instead of Chicago, Ironhide doesn’t die, and the only human allies the Autobots have is myself and one of closest online friends who lives in a town which is Southwest of Paris, I think.

The Eiffel Tower had been converted into a base for the Autobots, while still retaining its original shape. I had my own room to stay in which Optimus set up for me to be near him always because you know how I’m related to him in my dreams! I had a great view of the city next to my bed with posters up and special cell phone to call the Autobots at any time if I spotted Decepticon activity.

My friend on the other hand, had a room on the other side where Chromia spent time in the tower since he likes here and since the Eiffel tower is known to light up at night, my friend and I decided to take advantage of that while the Autobots were out patrolling. We didn’t know however, that it would be a grave mistake to lure the Decepticons to us, along with music playing.

As much as I cared about my safety that Optimus requested, we were feeling a bit rebellious. Heavy metal was blasting and the lights were flashing and soon, it caught Starscream’s attention. I stopped singing along to alert my friend that something was approaching the tower from the sky.

It was dark out, but I could see the speck from afar and knew it was Starscream.

I shouted at my friend to turn off the lights while I turned off the music. The whole tower went dark and I could see Starscream more clearly in the night sky as darkness poured in. I prayed that he was just passing by but then he turned toward the tower. The lights and music still got his attention somehow and I quickly ran to my room to contact the Autobots.

An alarm roared through the tower indicating missiles were inbound, he knew we were there and there was nothing left to do but evacuate. I woke up before the missiles could hit or we could leave the tower, what a pity, I wanted to see Optimus kick Starscream’s butt!

I didn’t really sleep much last night because of falling acorns pounding on the roof from the oak trees, and my ceiling fan makes this weird clicking noise, I think I might get it replaced.


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