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Midnight Songs and Halos in the Amaranth of Fury – Music of September 2020

Oh is September over already? The first month of fall flies by so quickly! But I don’t want the months to do that since my job is only a temporary position and is supposed to go until June next year. A lot can happen between now and then but still, I don’t want it to come too quickly!

Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky

She still does that thing with her tongue eh? Well, I guess lots of celebrities do and you don’t need to be Gene Simmons to do it. And Miley’s always been on the silly side, but she has talent and I think this is like a Stevie Nicks tribute.

The chorus of this song is so relatable. I don’t belong to anyone. Like Fury said, I am no one’s lady. I’ll live a happy independent life with my cats and video games! It’s also quite catchy too so that’s a bonus.

Selena Gomez – Love You Like A Love Song

My brother hates this song hahaha!

This song started to play in my head once I stopped denying that I have a crush on Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish. What? He’s handsome! The chorus is a bit repetitive but I’ve heard worse and the bridge is my favorite. Music to my heart Tuomas, that’s what you are. ❤🎶

I may not be interested in having a real relationship, but I love having crushes on fictional characters and musicians. No stress, no commitment, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, so there. That’s my choice.

Kamelot – The Black Halo

I was stretching to this a few days ago. Then I was reminded that Kamelot was part of my first ever metal concert in September 2012 where they opened for Nightwish. I couldn’t remember any of their songs, but I’m pretty sure this was one of them. So this was the first Kamelot song that I heard.

They’re a band that I really need to listen to more since everything I’ve heard so far is really good. This one just has a powerful sound to it.

Nightwish – Amaranth

This is the very first Nightwish song I heard and like I said, this month (the 20th to be exact) marks the anniversary of my first metal concert being them 8 years ago.

This song is beautiful in every way, that I genuinely wouldn’t know where to begin if you asked me to describe it in more detail. The fact that hearing this song around this time and remembering my first time seeing them just makes me feel sad because if there’s one thing I miss the most right now, it’s concerts, even if I don’t go to them as often as I’d like to due to working full-time.

Cris Valesco – Fury’s Theme

Last but not least, since I beat Darksiders III this month, gotta go with this theme. You know, when I first heard the music in this game, I felt like it was a step down from the soundtracks the other two had, but eventually this theme grew on me.

It plays whenever you open up the inventory menu shatter those clumps of souls or equip enhancements to your weapons. It starts off slow and quiet but eventually it gets louder and epic as it continues. It’s like Fury’s theme is meant to show her rage unfolding where she starts off normal before unleashing her true colors! It took me all summer to beat this game due to it being more challenging, but it was worth it.

And that’s it for this month, I’ve had to focus on work a lot and also deal with some feelings that I’ve had to move past which I’d rather not talk about. But I think I have overcome them now.

Things are really starting to bug me on social media and I think I should find a way to take an extensive break and only go there to post stuff and nothing more. Maybe I should focus on reading more too since I got a whole list on my Kobo, but I will only add to the backlog things that I am going to start reading right away.

Until next time, and if the thumbnail from Miley’s music video shows up on the link where I post this article, don’t let the picture of her dissuade you from clicking and reading!


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