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The Witcher S1 E6 – Rare Species

This episode definitely took things to an interesting level. I always thought that dragons didn’t exist in the Witcher universe, but this episode proved me wrong along with Saskia from the second game.

This is where the timelines are almost caught up. Geralt and Yen’s events take place a year before Ciri’s so I can start merging things with these reviews.

In this episode, Geralt and Jaskier are invited to join a dragon hunt by Borch. Yen eventually joins in too but the guys she brings are such damn show-offs. One of theme even kills a monster along the way just for that purpose despite Geralt telling him how to react to the monster.

That coat I saw Yen wearing, she wore that in the promotional pictures of the show before it was released on Netflix and that’s when people were bitching about how Anya didn’t look anything like Yen, well after you’ve seen her in this show fully, still mad?

Things also get steamy between her and Geralt in this episode, not just with the sex, but also with conflicts. They argue about her desire to have a baby so badly and then Geralt reveals his last wish which only ends up hurting them both.

And the dragon isn’t what we thought it would be, which isn’t a surprise because like I said, there never really were much of dragons in this universe.

Ciri on the other hand is still with the imposter of Mousesack who eventually reveals himself and she escapes him, a bunch of mishaps after that leads to Fringilla and Cahir to plan their next move. Even though the timelines have almost caught up to one another, it’s still easy to lose track from time to time. I enjoyed it still.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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