Darksiders III – Tricked to Extinction Within The Void

For the next part of my Darksiders III coverage, I will be talking about the DLCs and there are two of them in this game: The Crucible and Keepers of the Void.

The Crucible is just like it is in the previous game, except it is a bit more challenging so this article will focus on the latter.

After getting the first hollow ability, Vulgrim asks Fury to investigate the Void; the realm his Serpent Holes lead to. Vulgrim believes they have become infested and wants Fury to clear it out and more areas will become accessible with more hollow abilities obtained.

There’s not much story to this DLC, but there are lots of puzzles within each wing which require use of striking orbs with your hollow abilities to move the platform or have it generate a different effect.

Each wing has its own boss that uses the same ability. Whenever Fury tried to demand why they were infecting the Serpent Holes, she would get no answer.

Some of these bosses I could not fight with the matching hollow because it would cause them to absorb it and regain health.

When I got to Dovox, the keeper of the stasis wing, I got too frustrated with his attacks that I went overboard with the Wrath and Havoc shards just so I could beat him. That’s when I learned that the more I bought from Vulgrim, the price of every item increased. I also realized I made a mistake wasting all that on Dovox when I got to the final chamber and met Ionos.

Ionos is the only one of these things that shows some sentience. He reveals to Fury that his kind is not infecting the Serpent Holes, but have always been the inhabitants of it. Vulgrim just wants the whole place to himself. But, Fury doesn’t back down from fighting this big guy!

In my review of the base game, I said that the toughest boss I faced was in this DLC and Ionos is it. God, now I really wish I just kept trying with Dovox to get lucky and saved my shards for Ionos because now I had to defeat the latter the hard way.

Ionos uses attacks from all four hollows, each one striking from either an arm or a leg. I lost count of how many attempts it took me to defeat him. But, I was so eager to because deep down, I just knew what kind of reward I was going to get if I was successful, so I ended up temporarily halting my progress in the main game, just so I could defeat him, especially once I got past the tornado for the first time.

I went through all that frustration dying over and over again, I spent at least an hour almost everyday after work studying his attacks by fighting him so I could dodge them at the right time to counter. Sometimes I got lucky and got further in the fight, but I would also get too stuck on dodging that I forgot to attack at all.

Eventually I learned to dodge almost perfectly and took every opportunity to attack when it was safe, even if it was quick. It was the Storm Hollow that helped me finally bring him down, since its Wrath ability is pretty powerful, I used it whenever the meter got full and just went at it with all my might until he finally fell.

I remember my second last attempt before I defeated him that I came so close and died, and I almost gave up, but I pushed myself to try again a few more times and then I defeated him. That was when I realized that Vulgrim had tricked me.

Vulgrim of course, has a way with bribing the Horsemen to spare him if he does that. Fury confronts him, enraged that he made her commit mass extinction, but Vulgrim permits her and her brothers to use the Serpent Holes as much as they like as a reward, but when Fury demands more that’s when we get our lovely abyssal armor yay!

This armor was totally worth the grind to defeat Ionos. Not only does it look sick, but I noticed it makes Fury’s health slowly regenerate overtime and increases her other stats.

Like I said, way better when I went through the rest of The Scar and defeated Wrath! Abyssal armor is considered the best armor in the Darksiders games, so if you can get them get them!

This DLC was definitely a challenge and worth my time just for the armor. It could have been better story-wise and when it came to the bosses but oh well, nothing is perfect.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

That’s it for the third game, it’s time to hype up for the prequel, it’ll be a whole different approach, but I will keep an open mind and hopefully enjoy it.


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