TV Series

The Witcher S1 E7 – Before a Fall

We are now in the present with this series, 1263 for the main characters.

The way I see it with this episode: the events of Geralt and Yennefer take place likely, a few months before Ciri when Nilfgaard attacks Cintra.

The Brotherhood wants to remain neutral, but thanks to Triss and a few other mages (you know the former just lives for politics) they decide to fight. I liked seeing the scene of all the mages gathered together, even Yennefer, but she chose not to participate in the upcoming battle at first. Why, if I were a mage, I’d be like here; don’t wanna get involved in any of the matters that don’t concern me personally!

Not only that, but Geralt lands himself in prison after seemingly finding what he thought was Ciri but it was the doppler. Calanthe’s back so once again this is before the attack on Cintra.

I also fail to understand why they still don’t mention the name of Ciri’s powers, I mean, there was a mention of the Wild Hunt in the first episode, but maybe I’m clinging too much to what the games had.

Ciri’s almost made it to Geralt, let’s just hope then we know what exactly this destiny is.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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