Theme Park Invaders

I’ve been going through some writer’s block when it comes to dreams. I’ve had some interesting dreams in the past few months, but have always felt like none of them have lived up to what would be good enough to write about.

This one last night, however seemed to meet that standard of what I look for in a good dream since in it, I was Dragon Master a lot.

The first part I remember was like the scenes in Terminator 2 when John and company break into Cyberdyne HQ. The T-1000 started pursue them in the building and then I jumped in and started making fire tornadoes to slow it down. It kept threatening to melt the killer as John and Sarah were escaping. I proceeded to follow them but then I opened my eyes to find myself back in my room again. It was dark and I saw a centipede hanging from the ceiling. I immediately flicked the lights on and then I saw it was gone and there were two more crawling in from the doorway. I grabbed one of my slippers and started to squish them but quietly because I didn’t want to wake my brother up.

But then I realized I was dreaming when several more were approaching.

I shut my eyes again and this time when I opened them, I was in a cabin with several other girls in bunk beds and sleeping bags on the floor. Outside, there was a big carnival with massive floating balloons. Outside the cabin was a large fancy dining hall with a crystal chandelier and I saw several people I recognized from school and work.

Everyone was startled awake when the front door broke down and a large minotaur started grabbing people and we had no time to react. We were soon all tied up in the living room with a large rectangular window and path to the dining room. Several more of the monsters were pacing around making grumbling noises as if speaking their own languages.

When one of them left the room and the others had their backs turned, I used my wrist blades to cut myself free and did the same with everyone else. I saw more of those creatures outside on top of the balloons and I started to shepherd everyone out of the building and out of the carnival. One person nearly drowned and I used created a bubble to save them while flying overhead, and then I spat fire at one of the creatures approaching someone else on their six.

Once everyone was safe, I landed and was surrounded by several minotaurs growling, I crossed my blades in front of me preparing to fight and then jumped when one of them lunged for me. The fight consisted of them charging at me and I would spin out of the way and flame their butts because it was fun to watch them scream or I would block their weapons with my blades.

Then the biggest one tackled me to the ground and another was approaching with an axe, I woke up as he swung it towards me.

Either I’m not having any good dreams, or I’m just not remembering to write about the good dreams. Regardless, I want to have more like these and this dream made me feel like I was Theseus.


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