Getting Off The Planet

When society annoys me, it makes me wish I could take a trip on the next space shuttle, but the space travel I want has not even been invented yet, which is a huge bummer. We still don’t know if there’s other life out there.

But when I have dreams about it, those are one the best dreams. It started with me moving into this big townhouse and it had everything in it to meet all walks of life: A big kitchen, a lounge with a pub and TV if you were the type to enjoy watching sports, a large kid’s room for the family-type, a gym, and more. For me, it was the den with the big gaming PC, and shelf full of action figures that got me excited.

The door suddenly burst open and several Sangheili-like creatures rushed in, pointing their guns saying the city was in danger. Once I told them who I was, they demanded I meet them in orbit to negotiate our alliance. Yeah, breaking into my home to do that, not okay.

I told them I’d be there and watched myself transform in front of the mirror, but no matter how hard I tried to fly upward, I didn’t fly at all as I went over the bridge from the house over the freeway. I was then flying through multiple buildings that were never-ending. There seemed to be no door in sight, and at one point I was on an island with a high cliff on the East edge that reminded me of Total Drama Island in the first episode where the campers have to jump off that cliff, and land in the safe zone ring within the water. Those too scared jump would have to wear chicken hats for the rest of the challenge.

I tried jumping off to see if it could allow my dragon wings to spread and then I was plummeting straight towards the water.

For a short while I was soaring and then I saw something moving in the distance, it was like something being built rapidly on its own and it started with hedges and trees, followed by pathways and buildings, right in the middle of the lake; and this lake might as well be equivalent to the size of all the Great Lakes combined because there was no sign of land anywhere.

It quickly surrounded me and was teeming with mass civilization, but I just wanted to get away, to be alone and to get off the planet, so I kept flying, searching for an exit. But, it was like the buildings were building themselves entirely on their own, like they were from Inception, so every time I saw open sky, I dashed for it, only for it to be blocked off again by the moving parts.

It took a while, but I finally made it through an opening to dark blue overcast sky over the lake. I started to fly faster, and saw more formations of trees, hedges, and buildings attempting to construct and trap me again. I had no idea where I was going now, but I wasn’t able to get up higher altitude, remembering the promise I made. If I could just get to the other side of this lake, I could be safe from these formations.

As I was escaping, I started to sing Carolus Rex because my brain knows it’s my favorite song to sing when I fly in my dreams! If I ever went skydiving, I’d sing it once I’m in the right airborne position!

I don’t think I ever went upward, but I was soaring fast across the lake bouncing off of forming wires and spinning as if caught in a maelstrom and everything began slowly fading to black around this time until I woke up.

This was one of the dreams I remember getting after waking up and then falling asleep just after 5am, sometimes the cool dreams don’t happen until towards morning.


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