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Candles and Trouble at the Arrival of the Army of Abaddon – Music of November 2020

What creative titles I come up with when I write these posts! It's weird, but it's how I like to do it. Some people just simply put the music of the month thing, or they do something more general like "Currently...." yadda yadda, but I love using music to describe my life each month, so… Continue reading Candles and Trouble at the Arrival of the Army of Abaddon – Music of November 2020


Demon Prince on Campus

What were you doing in my dreams last night Samael? Trying to make things more exciting in dark times like this? No matter, if you enter my dreams, you get a shout-out on this blog! I felt like I was back in college on this dream, there were so many corridors going up this way… Continue reading Demon Prince on Campus


My Different Taste In Cuteness

Sometimes, something takes the Internet by storm and everyone is oohing and awwwing at how adorable it is, while I on the other hand am just meh over it. For example, when The Mandalorian was first announced, I was eager that we were getting something new from Star Wars, which I hoped would be a… Continue reading My Different Taste In Cuteness


Me Before You – Just Live

I don't really read a lot of romance, especially since I consider myself to be aromantic (my fictional and musical crushes don't count), but I do have a soft spot for some romance novels if there is good development. After watching the movie version of Me Before You, I felt obliged to pick up the… Continue reading Me Before You – Just Live


Lorelai – A Single Incapacitated Parasite

This is the last game in the Devil Came Through Here trilogy taking place after the events of The Cat Lady and Downfall. First thing I noticed about this game was, huge improvement in the graphics so the game does look very good when you start it. The story is about Laura Wood, or as… Continue reading Lorelai – A Single Incapacitated Parasite


My Favourite Witcher III Side Quests

Ah yes side quests, the additional things you can do in an RPG game designed to distract you from the game's main story so you'll never complete it. We have dismissed that claim. Actually, the beauty of side quests in any game is that they add additional story to the game, even if it is… Continue reading My Favourite Witcher III Side Quests


Valhalla and The Black Pearl

This dream might as well be a short story that I could publish on Wattpad if I really felt up for it. It's got vibes from Pirates of the Caribbean and I felt like it took place in the Great Lakes and Atlantic ocean. Instead of being myself in this dream, I was a character… Continue reading Valhalla and The Black Pearl