Valhalla and The Black Pearl

This dream might as well be a short story that I could publish on Wattpad if I really felt up for it.

It’s got vibes from Pirates of the Caribbean and I felt like it took place in the Great Lakes and Atlantic ocean.

Instead of being myself in this dream, I was a character named Sohana Alia, an amateur pirate captain hoping to one day remove the “amateur” part and one of the first of many of my gender in the region. When I spoke with her voice, she sounded like she was Polish, and I never saw a mirror to see what my brain imagined her to look like.

I had no crew yet but I had myself a boat, if not a ship yet, and was participating in some kind of contest. I had to travel down a long river overlooking cities and waterfalls, the latter had me damp from the mist they produced, but the view was spectacular.

I’ve had so many dreams where I am out on those lakes and the ocean because in real life, I have never been out on them and someday I hope to. I wish I could afford a jet ski.

The competition involved races where you would steer your boat from a mini crow’s nest to the finish line: around two buoys and back to the floating archway. This was not my official ship yet and all the other racers seemed determined to win. They were all ugly looking pirates and only one of them was handsome, like a French version of Will Turner, he was called Jaques Valhalla.

Not sure why that was his last name, my brain is very creative. I would love it would give me a Mad Max Fury Road dream next!

Anyway, I couldn’t tell if Jacques was trying to woo me or trying to win during the race, but he kept beaming towards me. The race was cut short when several competitors revealed themselves to be real pirates, evil ones, whatever the difference is. They attacked the other boats leaving Jacques and I to defend ourselves against them.

Only one of them got away, the dream then cut to a different time where this Sohana I was, and Jacques were married, becoming Sohana Valhalla with a son named Xavier. He looked like a young Jack if you know what I mean. He sometimes didn’t go to bed on time and would stay up late playing with a toy pirate ship. My character and Jacques noticed right away. It was like the timeline fast-forwarded to a fancy house in the 1700’s and like we had given up the pirate dream.

Or did we? Xavier was deeply disturbed and started to mutter “Black Pearl” only on nights when the moon was visible in the night sky. He would tell me he saw visions of undead pirates swarming the shores of the cities. We stood out one night promising to watch to see if he was right. The sky was dark with stars but no moon in sight, I had assumed that the moon has already set and was lying on my back gazing upward, looking to see how many constellations I could identify.

Jacques suddenly turned over and kissed me, I barely saw him coming due to how dark it was until his lips were on mine.

That’s all I can recover from my memory of this dream, but this could probably make a good original story if I changed the names, or PoTC fanfiction if I wanted it to be, almost like a prequel to the first film. Hey, I once read a story on Wattpad where the author made an OC that is paired up with Hector Barbossa.

Why the last name Valhalla? These dreams are clearly lucid.


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