BioWare is currently in hot water. Despite the fact that I enjoyed Andromeda, it did poor financially. Then came Anthem which they pushed a lot and I had no interest in playing it. That game didn’t do very well either.

That’s what’s scary, if BioWare is unsuccessful with their next product, EA has the power to shut them down.

Not only does the fandom annoy me due to hatred over Andromeda, but also the fans are extremely needy and pester the devs to push out things like a remaster of the original trilogy.

Now it is official after months of circulating rumors. We are getting a remaster. There. Are you happy? Good. Now shut up and be patient for its arrival.

Normally I like remakes, but I was always reluctant about this trilogy being remastered because it holds a special place in my heart and I have so many memories with it.

I’m not being a hater, I just never thought a remake was necessary for Mass Effect. As you play through it, the graphics and gameplay evolve and your experience gets better and better. Remaster it all and your experience isn’t the same, the graphics are all the same for instance.

Or who knows, maybe the graphics will be phenomenal like playing through a movie, but don’t touch the soundtrack please! It’s fine the way it is!

I mean, when the first Darksiders was remastered, the difference was so small that I let that go. But if we really have to get a remaster of this, make the DLCs easier to obtain because for PC gamers, it’s bad enough to not have them always accessible and give a controller option because playing with the keys/mouse is not for everyone, especially with the first one. Not to mention it was a pain in the ass to import my Shepard to the second game on PC while it was a breeze on my Xbox.

Fans today will also never know the struggle of having to switch discs while playing either!

Unlike me, maybe you’re super-hyped because you have never played Mass Effect before and this is your chance to start, or you’re a veteran like me but not so uncertain about it.

I don’t know, maybe when they release more footage I’ll reconsider my thoughts, but for now, I don’t think I’m going to buy this immediately once it becomes available. Like I said, not hating, not trying to be a mean bitch with no taste, I have just always felt that some games could use remasters and some don’t because of how classic, and loved they are to the players.


7 thoughts on “Legendary”

      1. For me, I hope they don’t alter to much of the original games. I know so many people wanted a remake of the original, saying it hasn’t aged well, but I always really liked the gameplay and greater RPG focus, except from the planet exploration (it was so repetitive).
        Although, 2 does remain my favourite.

        While you could argue that this only came about because of fans constantly asking, I thought it was rather more inevitable. As you said, BioWare has been in hot water. I did enjoy Andromeda, although it was worse than the original trilogy (the combat was excellent though). I think one of the main reasons for this remaster is to reinvigorate the franchise and its fan base, bringing back those that turned away from BioWare after their last few games. Especially with new games in the works from both their big franchises, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

        I’m really excited for this, as a console player, this will be a great way to experience the games again with all dlc (there was quite a few I never played), with updated visuals and performance, in one complete package. As long as they don’t dramatically change anything and just update graphics and smooth over some features that were a bit janky, I think it will be brilliant.

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      2. I’m okay with graphics being updated, but just leave the soundtrack alone 😉 I thought games 2 and 3 aged well but not the first.

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    1. What? Girl you are missing out on so much! Mass Effect is a universe that stays with you forever. Well, unfortunately the Bioware fanbase has always had a toxic trait to it, some of them are yes those who hated the ending, (I personally didn’t mind it) or those who hate Andromeda and seem to think that a remaster just magically fixes everything which I don’t get. That’s why I’m glad when I got into Darksiders I have not engaged with the fandom in any way whatsoever because I’ve had enough with dealing with morons who hate game X while I enjoy it.

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