Me Before You – Just Live

I don’t really read a lot of romance, especially since I consider myself to be aromantic (my fictional and musical crushes don’t count), but I do have a soft spot for some romance novels if there is good development. After watching the movie version of Me Before You, I felt obliged to pick up the book.

It’s a story about Louisa “Lou” Clark who lives a very sheltered life in England, until she lands a job as a caregiver for Will Traynor, a former entrepreneur and adventurous man now wheelchair-bound with little mobility.

I really liked Lou’s cheery personality and choice of wardrobe, Jojo reveals at some point in the novel the reason behind it, which I thought was she just likes colorful clothes, but apparently not, this was never in the movie. The only character I’d say I hated was Lou’s current boyfriend at the beginning, Patrick. All he did was run all the time, and whenever he did spend time with Lou, it was always what HE wanted to do; running while she times him, or meetings at restaurants with other personal trainers. So you can imagine it made me rage inside when he called Will a cripple in front of her after her birthday dinner.

I found that in this book, Lou is pushed even more to live her life to the fullest, like my favorite part was when Will persuades her to get a tattoo and she does of a bumblebee, which I pictured being a cute fat one like on the book’s cover.

The relationship between Will and Lou starts off rough at first, but the more I read, the deeper, sweeter, and funnier it became that it made me wish there was a happier ending.

If you didn’t hold back tears during the last few chapters of this book, then there must be something wrong with you because the end, Lou’s farewell to Will was written with a lot more intimacy, like she cuddled right up with him. Jojo’s writing throughout this book made me picture everything quite vividly, and if an author can do that, then I like it.

Even if you haven’t read this book, only seen the movie, or neither, you should have a basic idea of what really happens in this story. I can’t understand why some people were giving it bad reviews due to them believing it promotes suicide. Vashedan. Look, either you are too sensitive, or you didn’t educate yourself with the topic of assisted suicide, or you disagree with it and that’s okay. Funny, one reviewer said don’t read it if you’re a medical professional, well newsflash, I’m a pharmacy technician, and I couldn’t put this book down!

It had nothing to do with the fact that Will wanted to die, it was about Lou’s journey to step out of her comfort zone and she fell in love with him along the way that made me enjoy this book. Will helped Lou become a better person and reading this book made me really feel sorry for him all the pain, immobility, and infections, he goes through a lot so it’s no wonder he wanted it to end.

I do agree that Lou could have got him to change his mind, but I disagree that he wanted to die just because he couldn’t do the things he wanted to do with her if they became a couple. He could still find a way to manage and they would work it out like any couple in a healthy relationship would.

I don’t think this book promotes suicide, Will made his decision, and I encourage you to do your research and maybe read the story of Sue Rodriguez (and research the disease she had too while you’re at it) to understand this controversial topic better before you open your mouth.

I loved this book nonetheless, I loved the film adaptation as well and I think I will watch it before I start the second book.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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