My Different Taste In Cuteness

Sometimes, something takes the Internet by storm and everyone is oohing and awwwing at how adorable it is, while I on the other hand am just meh over it.

For example, when The Mandalorian was first announced, I was eager that we were getting something new from Star Wars, which I hoped would be a renewal for me considering how I didn’t like the previous movies, but I was disappointed when I realized that the only way to watch it was to sign up for Disney+, which wasn’t free and I don’t like having multiple subscriptions to a point where I lose track of my money. Also, you should know by now how I feel about streaming in general.

The show became a success and a bigger phenomenon when it introduced The Child, which looks like a baby version of Yoda, hence the nickname Baby Yoda. But it is not Jedi Master Yoda himself since this series takes place after Return of the Jedi, which Yoda dies in. The species has no name, it’s simply referred to as Yoda’s species.

The creature quickly went viral on the Internet, and while I was still trying to get over the fact that I couldn’t watch the show unless I paid a monthly fee, being the old school chick that I am, I looked at this Baby Yoda and thought.

Erm, he’s not THAT cute.

Even Spyro shows some cuteness and I’ll take him over the Child any day! Fight me.

But, since the little bugger turned into endless swarms of memes and merchandise a.k.a M&Ms. I got tired of him where I was on the brink of hatred, but I have learned to stop myself from hating him by just ignoring him as much as I can. Kinda hard when you have friends who like him though.

Sadly, this is what happens in the Star Wars universe, they are notorious putting out a character or creatures that serve little or no purpose to the plot, and they are seen as adorable to almost everyone that it doesn’t take long for M&Ms to explode everywhere.

I was still a child when the Ewoks were all the rage and they didn’t bother me. I thought they were a little cute, but not superbly adorable if you know what I mean. I focused on the general sci-fi elements of Star Wars when I was a kid, as well as the story.

Then there was The Last Jedi, which gave us the porgs which I immediately disliked. They just ran around being cute and they never were cute to me. The fact that Baby Yoda has a similar appearance to them can’t be a coincidence. Look at them, they both have big eyes! Maybe my preference of cute stuff isn’t tiny creatures with big eyes, well at least not those creatures.

I mean, I like Jigglypuff and those Kodama thingies from Princess Mononoke were pretty cute too. Kirby is so cute I just want to jump into whatever Kirby game I’m playing and hug him tight! So, I don’t know why, I guess Star Wars just doesn’t cut it for me when it comes to cuteness, and things like The Child are just vehicles to sell more toys to children or my fellow adult geeks. There’s also a lot of people who think nugs from the Dragon Age universe are cute, but I just see them as ugly hairless rabbits.

Oh and let’s not forget what I also find cute is every slime in Slime Rancher! So, yeah it seems cute stuff to society is little things with big eyes but I guess I like the look of a bunch of Kodama instead of Baby Yoda, and when the latter exploded, it just made me I tired of seeing it. Like, give me Meta Knight instead!

What? Even he can be cute to me!

So yeah, my taste in cuteness is different from yours and if you’re shocked as hell at some of the things you love that I don’t find cute, well that’s why it’s good for people to have a variety of tastes. I’m not hating on Baby Yoda or the porgs, I just get a little tired of them you know, but your opinions are welcome here as long as you are respectful.


5 thoughts on “My Different Taste In Cuteness”

  1. The porgs were quite a blatant attempt to launch a line of toys — there wasn’t even any attempt to make them part of the story, just a couple of visual gags. The same is probably true of the Ewoks although they were, at least, part of the story.

    I haven’t seen The Mandalorian, so I have no idea about Baby Yoda, but I do like the kodamas.

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