Demon Prince on Campus

What were you doing in my dreams last night Samael? Trying to make things more exciting in dark times like this? No matter, if you enter my dreams, you get a shout-out on this blog!

I felt like I was back in college on this dream, there were so many corridors going up this way and that with multiple windows, and then there was this open space which I always thought looked like that foyer on my college campus. People were seated on the big steps and floor there chatting away, as if we were supposed to gather for something.

The only difference in that foyer was the large dome-like window above, like in that room with the stairway and clock in Titanic. I must have been sitting there waiting for something to happen while listening to game OST music by Mick Gordon, (Oops, looks like I just dropped a hint of what I will be playing after Darksiders!)

While Rip & Tear blasted in my ears, the dream began to shift from one thing to another, like I could see something anyone normally couldn’t. Something was rising from the Earth’s core, then to the mantle and then the ground shook. The other students were starting to scream and panic. I took off my headphones and stared in awe, hoping something would happen like a demon would pop out of the floor like daisies. Anything was better than what we are currently going through right now, right?

The floor burst open, the window ceiling shattered, and an orange glow filled the room. Everyone started to stare, but I felt like I had the same look on my face as Moana after her grandmother tells her and the other children the story of Te Fiti.

I was right when I said I wanted something to pop out of there and it was the one, the only, Samael!

I would use a new picture but I’m too tired to search for another, he wasn’t sitting like that when he emerged, he stood tall, his eyes glowing and his mouth open. All the other students started screaming, some running, while I stood there smiling and bent the knee to him.

I am not a satanist, but Samael is such a badass character in the Darksiders universe. It’s like, he’s not entirely good, but also not entirely evil. He’s helped the Horsemen many times, even if some of it is for his own benefit: he made War get those hearts for him, and even though his true intentions were to regain full power, he still kept his word and sent War to the tower. He also made Death spar with him in order to see if he was worthy of the Demon Key, he’s just a character that’s not on any side, but his own side and that’s what I like about him.

When Samael saw that I was the only one who didn’t flee from him, he approached me and said he had a task, one that would involve finding the four Horsemen. I hoped this wasn’t a trap, but Samael would not say. He told me to find him in a hidden cave when I brought them.

I was running down a steep hill looking, and this was at a random place with steep hills everywhere. As I ran up and down the hill, I could hear those brutal riffs of BFG Division, crap not again! Until, a time came where I thought I saw War, then the dream cut to what I thought was a hallucination of War and I sitting together on the grass., we were only talking but sitting very close to each other, and I realized that what was I doing? What if Samael’s intentions were violent towards the Horsemen. I ran towards the speck that was War, and then I woke up.

Nice to see the Demon Prince in my dreams along with what I’m leaning towards playing next. I’ve been sleeping better thanks to the workout routine my mom and I do at home, so I hope to have more of these dreams.


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