Hunger Is a Bottomless Pit

This dream is like a combination of a city in a canyon with waterfalls where I was being chased by the Kraken with Gluttony while listening to him drone on and on about how much I could consume if I just gave into the temptation.

I don’t believe, but one thing I have learned from playing Darksiders and reading His Dark Materials this year is a ton of things in the Bible, but if I was guilty of one of the Seven Deadly Sins right now, it would be Wrath since all this pandemic does is make me rage inside about how it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and how it has changed the way I live. As a person with ASD, I don’t like big changes unless they are ones I initiate myself.

I must have been in Fury’s shoes in this dream, trying to keep my Force Hollow active to avoid Gluttony from devouring me, but I had no weapon to fight with. I was running from the tentacles of the Kraken and at the same time trying to evade another demonic monster: a Legion Bonesplitter from Darksiders Genesis, they wield giant machine guns.

The latter moved slower, but his aim was deadly and I remember both of them cornering me on the edge of some ship impaled on a spike at the top of the canyon. It was either jump or die, well I might die either way.

Are these the type of dreams I have when nothing exciting happens in my life, because I could have sworn that when I reach that stage, I have more dreams about my favorite bands, like the tons of Sabaton ones I had while I was still searching for a job!

I sometimes think back to my close-minded approach to Mass Effect’s remaster and ask myself why, maybe it will change. But for now, I have to decide what to play next.


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