A Short Hike – Hawk Peak Adventures

Ah, another cute indie game completed, this one definitely hit the spot with its atmosphere!

I saw this one on Steam for a reasonably good price and started playing it a few months back so let’s get straight to it.

The game follows Claire, who goes with her Aunt May to Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Claire is expecting an important call, but there is no cell phone reception there, so she decides to hike to the peak to take her mind off of it.

The atmosphere in this game is beautiful with relaxing music, and you don’t have to go to the peak right away. There are plenty of things to do like find chests, collect shells, water seedlings, and more. I found some other notable sights to see on other trails like one overlook, and the meteor lake. There were even separate islands as well that offered additional things like a motorboat to drive around, something the developer recently added.

In order to reach the peak, the game requires you to collect golden feathers which allow you to run, climb, and glide for longer periods. You can find them atop ledges and by helping other critters you meet.

I found Claire to be a very friendly person towards everyone, in fact just about all of the characters are, but not all of them gave me names. This game also screams Canadian to me, not just because of the environment, but this little frog here was building a sandcastle which turned into a city and he said he was running for premier there, something else done in my country!

Another great side thing to do in this game is fishing. It isn’t difficult and you can trade the fish with a seagull, he will give you money for the first catch and bait for any that follow. This isn’t Animal Crossing, so you don’t have to grind to catch every fish, as it isn’t a large amount, you just have to be patient when you’re fishing for rarer fish.

When I finally made it to the peak, I was happy to see Claire receive the call she was waiting for as she admires the beautiful view. After you reach it for the first time, you can keep playing afterwards. Some of the NPCs even go to the peak themselves like this one fox who I loaned some feathers to, and Avery who you can race with.

Like I said, enjoy the scenery in this game, there’s no rush to get to the peak, go whenever you like if you think you have enough feathers. Dig for treasure, catch fish, whatever, even play some Beachstick Ball too! There are only eight achievements that aren’t difficult to unlock in this game so I already got all of them.

It’s an easy and relaxing game that I can escape into and fun for everyone.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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