To The Sky II

There we go with my dreams again, two nights in a row they turn out to be very vivid and have at least one or two things that I love.

I just get too sidetracked to write about all of them in detail as good as some of the ones I’ve published!

In some of my flying dreams, I like to fly higher, but sometimes if I go too high, I wake up somehow, but not in this dream, I was singing Carolus Rex again and flew all the way to the exosphere before dipping down and plummeting like a meteor back to the surface. But before that, I always had to get through this narrow tunnel just to find a suitable place to take off into the sky, I hated that tunnel, but there was no other way.

This was another one of those flying dreams where I didn’t have my dragon wings, I was just floating freely like I had been sprinkled with pixie dust and when I sing, it’s even better and it’s been forever since I’ve had dreams featuring bands so speaking of which:

Then I could have sworn that other dream was me kissing Seeb underwater, no surprise there since Orden Ogan released another single that is growing on me as I type this, then enjoying a walk with him through a lustrous field in the sunset. Across the field near a cottage there were two other couples, both of them from Grey’s Anatomy which I don’t remember entirely, except that Mark Sloan was one of the men in them. As I watch that show, I grew tired of other characters saying he’s hot, twice it’s happened with ones who are playing patients. I personally think he’s ugly, too boxy-looking for me, not to mention he’s also a jerk, what is it with these shows where a young intern sleeps with/dates an attending ten years older than them? Don’t leave spoilers, I’m only on season 4.

I got my own McDreamy and McSteamy to fawn over. Tuomas Holopainen is my McDreamy and my McSteamy is Seeb. I was going to pick Mr. Lordi but he’s my Monsterman so that’s good enough.

I’m running out of creativity for these dream posts, unless I sleep like a log one night and have a dream so vivid enough that I remember more details, like that one with Samael and the DOOM sound blasting in my surroundings, even if I wasn’t running around with a gun in my hand slaying everything that moves!


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