War Against the Demons

I slept like a log last night, who the hell pulls that off on a Sunday night? Everyone knows that it’s the most common time where you’re going to have trouble sleeping since the working week looms ahead, 8 hours away.

I always read before bed and turn the lights off at ten, but this time I went a little past ten to read some more as I waited for Teletraan-1 to finish installing a game. As soon as I began to yawn persistently, lights out.

This dream is just what I need prior to starting a new-to-me game, it once again involves fighting demons. I felt like I was in the boots of War in this dream, walking with Chaoseater over my shoulder down the dark corridor with massive pillars reaching for the highest ceiling ever. Blood splattered on them from all the lesser demons I had killed.

This is the first dream where I am not myself, or my Dragon Master OC, but I am a character I love, killing bad guys!

As I walked, I broke into a run and I simply slashed anything that moved that still remained. But suddenly, more demons appeared, ones I had never seen before, some of them resembled zombies, and others floating with one eye and big teeth. Gunshots fired as I swung my sword, dashing and dodging bullets and swings of axes. Then someone was fighting beside me, in full armor with big guns and we were back to back on an altar-like room with endless demons coming up the dais: the ones I knew with the inverted wings, and these new ones I had never seen.

We readied our weapons, then everything collapsed; the pillars crumbled, the walls seemed to spill away like being sucked into a vortex and we were falling into a fiery abyss.

I landed on my stomach and clutched Chaoseater tightly. My companion, I saw clearer now, he looked like a Spartan in Halo, but he wasn’t, he was someone else with weapons that were definitely not from those games. I knew he was the Doomguy. We looked at each other briefly and then from the deeper void below, two enormous creatures rose before us. One I recognized right away as Straga from the Abyss with his giant mace, and the other was a demon similar to a Kaiju with big horns, sharp teeth, and some kind of plasma cannon on its left arm.

It was clearly larger than it was supposed to be, from what I Googled before bedtime last night.

Both demons roared in unison and then Straga spoke.

Straga sees you do not fight alone, but neither does Straga! Straga will enjoy killing you both!

The other demon simply gritted its fangs at my companion and began to charge its cannon.

We jumped to the side and Straga slammed down his mace, dragging it across the floor, and I dashed quickly backward aiming my Voidwalker for his weapon and cast the other on the ground. All why trying to avoid the shots from the other demon’s weapon whom my partner was jumping and dodging so fast and shooting back.

Straga’s mace knocked me towards the edge and I got up slowly like it was a scratch. Had I been in my own body in this dream, it would have hurt a lot more, or even killed me. Straga then swung his mace behind him and I knew it was my chance to strike.

Straga is stronger than you will ever be!

I heard him say, the other demon now aimed at me again as the Doomguy tried desperately to divert his attention. I picked up my sword and dashed into the void I created on the ground and emerged on the back of Straga’s head. I plunged my sword into the glowing red spot and twisted the blade deeper. Straga screamed and his body jerked, sending me flying back to the ground as he bent forward.

I slashed at his face over the sound of plasma and bullets flying from all sound as my companion jumped from side to side. Then the big cannon aimed at me off guard and fired, I woke up not gasping but I slowly drifted back to sleep a little before my alarm went off.

Time for another day of work, I can’t wait to get home tonight and start this game! 😈 What a dream!


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