The First Dance We Shared

Merry Christmas angels, demons and everyone in between!

I really wanted to sleep in because I have four days off to do whatever I like, but of course, I was woken up by my cats screaming downstairs since they pick odd hours to play-fight with one another.

Last night, I had to work until 8pm so by the time I got home, I wasn’t in the mood to watch my favorite Christmas films (which has been my annual tradition for years), so I had some eggnog, listened to the Christmas music in the house and went to bed, because deep down I still believe Santa shows up the sooner I sleep and I wish I could say hi to Rudolph.

It was also snowing heavily by the time my shift ended, so I woke up to a white Christmas this year, my God we don’t get that enough anymore. Under the tree for me this year was a customized tray with one of my favorite quotes, which I shall use to organize my perfume collection, a replica of the necklace that Yennefer wears (The version of it from the Netflix series since it also is supposed to represent what’s in the books), and a few other trinkets.

I also had such a wonderful dream last night, but I can’t share all of it on here, due to how intimate it gets later on into it, but:

What’s interesting is that this picture is what made me start to have a thing for him!

Not only is it Christmas, but it’s also Tuomas Holopainen’s birthday; how grand must it be to be born today! Ever since I realized I was crushing on him, I’ve been having a lot of dreams about him, but none of them were as vivid as this one.

I was wearing a red dress with a pink cardigan and we were skating while holding hands, on a frozen lake in the middle of a forest in Kitee, and the trees were lit with tons of Christmas lights.

What was he wearing? Well if you’re a Nightwish fan, you’re most likely to picture him in a top hat and suit (though he still looks cute in casual attire too!)

I must have lost myself in the magical wonders around me until he pulled me into a long passionate kiss in the center of the lake, then I proceeded to forget those surroundings the moment I kissed him back! When we moved apart, he started to say how much he loved me and that I’m an angel. (Yes yes I know he’s married IRL but still) If you haven’t heard him speak, my God his voice is so deep and masculine. 😍

Now, the dream didn’t end there, but I can’t share what comes after that cause you know, this is a public site after all, and what follows is well…. you know! Anyway, like I said, totally normal to have these dreams when you like a celebrity, no matter how intimate they get.

Other than that I played some Slime Rancher for Wiggly Wonderland to see that adorable Twinkle Slime again and I just learned that a huge new update is out for Stardew Valley, so I should start playing again soon.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough, merry Christmas to you or happy whatever holiday you celebrate!


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