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Within the Sorry Purge of Android Division – Music of December 2020

Makes no sense again eh? Well too bad! It’s the end of 2020 (at last!) would have been a helluva better year if it wasn’t for the bloody pandemic.

Many of you want this year to be over, I get that, but I just want this pandemic to over, even if that means it goes into 2021 until we achieve total herd immunity! Remember, it’s not an apocalypse until War, Death, Fury, and Strife are seen riding through the streets battling angels and demons left and right so watch your words!

This month, I decided to make things extra special by adding a bunch of new tunes to me, so we can finish this year off big. Before you ask, no I don’t party on New Year’s Eve, the crowds, the drinking, the noise, the kissing at midnight…… not my thing, never has been. I’m in bed by ten at the latest! I know all those things we can’t really do right now, but still, I just treat it like any other day and put my PJs on after dinner or even work if I want to.

But enough of that, let’s begin with the songs!

Epica – Freedom The Wolves Within

Another Epica single with a much different take compared to the last one. It’s not bad, and one thing I love about the music video is, instead of doing a cool setting with the band playing, this one actually tells a story, which is something they haven’t done since The Solace System EP.

The choice of visual effects is quite authentic, I wonder why they went with that instead of comic-style animation. We honestly need more songs with music videos like this accompanied by a powerful song. I was hoping by the end of the music video that the guy was going to kill the other one with the horns which would save the white wolf, but I guess not, it remains a mystery.

Madonna – Sorry

I grew up listening to Madonna, and this is a song that has stuck with me all these years.

Every time I get sick of hearing about something in life, this is the song that plays for me. Of course, you can imagine what I don’t want to hear or know anymore! It makes me wish I could just dance away from all the problems in the world and focus on my own problems. You know, go to my little happy place while everyone gets all cynical.

I never get tired of this song, or anything by Madonna really, especially her older stuff. So, does this count as her old stuff now?

Within Temptation – The Purge

Within Temptation also put out a new single this year, and what an epic one it is! It has such a dark tone to it, it almost sounds like it’s about death or you becoming someone you don’t want to me.

When, I first heard it, I was thinking about Adrien Victus for some reason. Maybe because he didn’t want to be Primarch at first, he preferred to be in the front-line of the turian military, and in the beginning, he hated being a diplomat and wants to go back. Then again, I don’t have a song for him yet, maybe it’s this one.

Anyway, this song feels so powerful and Sharon looks stunning as usual and Mike’s drumming is spot on, it makes me want to go listen to the Hydra album because I feel like I missed out on it.

Orden Ogan – Heart of the Android

Yay! Orden Ogan put out another single! By the time I was able to move on from that their new album was delayed again, they released this single and it takes a few listens, but once you let it absorb you, it’s amazing.

Listening to this, it gives me vibes from the Alien franchise, Ash, Bishop, Samuels, you know, I admire it’s purity. Or maybe you might think about I Robot or Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The lyrics are so relatable, it’s like androids are what they are, but the one thing they wish they had was to be more human: to experience emotion most of all. I have seen so many episodes of TNG where Data tries to do that.

I thought Orden Ogan was also putting out another music video, but maybe that’s for later.

Well, what do you see machine or man, that is the question.

Mick Gordon – BFG Division

Surprise! Now you know what games I’ve been playing now, unless of course you were smart enough to figure out that I was fighting a Cyberdemon besides Straga, alongside of the Doomguy in that dream or you were following me on Instagram! I haven’t encountered one of those in the game yet, but I will tell you I’ve already dealt with Barons of Hell, Cacodemons, Hell Razers, Mancubus, etc. and just about every demon is trouble in its own way.

Hah, I once chainsawed a Mancubus right through the gut and was laughing evilly as I did so, it felt great! I can’t stop headbanging to this track, honestly, how am I supposed to play this game without doing that?! Yes I already beat the level with this track in it since I’m currently playing the 2016 game.

I wanted to check out the DOOM games for a while, I heard of them years ago, and when I saw the gameplay on Steam, it looked like a helluva lot of fun. I prefer to be more direct in shooters, get right up in the enemy’s face and pew pew, smash, rip, tear, splat, instead of hiding in cover to regenerate and shoot from there hahahaha!

Of course, the other thing that made me want to check out DOOM was the soundtrack, it’s totally metal and this is one of the tracks that makes that shine. It sounds so epic and goes with everything. Really, there’s not much else to say except if I am not playing and am just listening to this track, I picture myself fighting demons again, especially since it did play in another one of my dreams referencing the franchise.

C’mon, we all need a video game that lets us cut loose when we’re mad without hurting anyone.

Well, looks like I rambled too much! Happy New Year everyone! Let us hope it brings us the following: an end to this pandemic, that’s all I really want. See you in 2021.


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