Critics and Casuals In Gaming

It’s easy to go on the Internet to talk about a subject and get into a debate of what’s good and bad. I’ve learned that in video games, there are two types of people in this situation.

There are critics who feel the need to nitpick every detail about a game that’s wrong with it, from graphics to story and characters. The worst are those who like to openly admit that they disliked a particular game with a rather close-minded statement like that game was crap/trash/shit, etc. To clarify, these people are not actual professional critics, but players who act like critics and only shit on the games they don’t like.

Then there are the casuals who don’t let little details in video games bother them and even if a game wasn’t well-received by critics and players or it wasn’t successful financially, these particular players will still find something within the game to enjoy it.

I belong to the latter.

For me, video games have always been an enjoyable interactive storytelling experience, or just a fun way to disconnect for an hour or two, no matter the game. No matter how many games I play in my lifetime, I’m not going to let some small thing ruin my experience. You could say that that was why I enjoyed Mass Effect: Andromeda. There were graphic bugs, sure, but I found a way to enjoy it regardless.

But the reason why I am writing this is not because of the part I belong to, but I feel like I cannot express my love for any game that is unpopular without getting pelted with responses from those “critics” who like to give their strong opinion that that game was crap and give no reason behind their opinion, and diss people who love that game.

For instance, on the Game Rant Facebook page, they posted a meme about how it feels to beat a boss you’ve been struggling with. I commented that I felt that way when I finally defeated Ionos in Darksiders III‘s Keepers of the Void DLC. Some prick had the audacity to say to me:

You actually enjoyed Darksiders III? That game was crap.

Yes I did you cockroach how dismissive of you. Of course, my response would be to tell someone like that that I don’t need to hear that and he just needed just let other people enjoy stuff. Lucky for me, two other people butted in and said that Darksiders III was actually a good game and it was better to just let people enjoy things like I said.

This is just one example and it’s not really that bad compared to some of the morons I put up with whenever I praised BioWare for their work on Andromeda, like the time someone said to me something about how I must be an idiotic bitch or a robot if I enjoyed the game or that BioWare barely put any work into the game (since I told the devs to keep up the good work). I’m not going to go into the details, but I don’t appreciate being treated this way just for simply having a positive opinion.

If I don’t like a game, I don’t give that opinion without reason behind it. For example, one game that I did not enjoy was Master of Orion. While the alien races were cool (there was even a feline race!), the gameplay just wasn’t for me, no matter how hard I tried, I kept losing some of the planets I colonized to pirates, couldn’t defeat space monsters, or keep my ships organized, yeah there was a lot of things I just wasn’t good at, so I concluded that I was not a fan and moved on. But, would I say the game was garbage or shit? No, it’s just not my cup of tea. I wish more people could be like this and that’s my Vulcan brain talking again, part of having ASD.

I’m just ranting about my disappointment of over our interactions as a species. Sometimes I dread talking about video games with people that I just know like to talk like that. Stop reminding me that Andromeda sucks. That’s an opinion not a fact. Want a fact? The game wasn’t successful in the market, but that doesn’t mean I should stop playing it.

I don’t hate any video games, there are just games that are simply not for me whether I tried them or not and I’m not going bash them or the players that liked them and you should too.


15 thoughts on “Critics and Casuals In Gaming”

  1. In general, I hate when people hate on something you like. I know this is applied to gaming, but I think this is applied to anything like movies, TV seasons, etc.

    With that being said, I’m also a casual gamer. One game I played recently was Marvel’s Avengers game and while I thought the game was flawed, I had a good time playing it. So many people are hating on the game and saying it sucks, while I found some joy playing the game.

    It sucks that people went after you online because god forbid you liked a game they didn’t like, it’s unfortunate. I find myself commenting on things less because I don’t want that personal attack. I hope for these things to improve over time, but I think there will always be these awful fans attacking others for liking something that they don’t

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    1. Yes it can be applied to everything, I was just using video games to state mt point best. Glad to hear you still found a way to enjoy that game. I have never played it but it looks good.

      Yeah it does, I don’t understand what their problem is. I rarely comment on things anymore either because people are assholes, I wish I could just delete the replies but I can only delete my own comment so the trolls starve. It doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon and I don’t consider those people fans. Fans to me are those who are entitled to their opinions but are respectful about it and to others.

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  2. People critiquing BioWare?! for shame…

    It was a bit buggy at launch and from a personal perspective I benefited from picking it up when it was patched but have played far buggier and less coherent games that didn’t get quite as much of a kicking as Andromeda did. To each their own I guess.

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  3. Games, books, films. There’s always a minority who want to tell everyone else what they should and shouldn’t be enjoying.

    Why these people fail so badly at understanding that different people can have different tastes is beyond me.

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  4. I certainly fall into the first category – I critique (or, as some would say: “talk shit”) about the games I play on a regular basis. However, I don’t do it to make myself or others miserable, but to explore how a good game could have been even better, or a bad game could have been saved.

    Like you, I try to always give objective reasons to my points of critique. However, since it is ultimately a celebration of games, something positive, I’d never go around and berate people for liking something that I don’t (even if it has objecitve flaws). Quite the opposite, I enjoy people telling me what they think and why something I think of as a flaw actually can be seen as enjoyable.

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  5. Im so sorry you had to deal with those assholes in the gaming community. I really do hate it when people get shat on for liking a game the opposition deems bad. I’ve gotten shit on when i didnt enjoy Witcher 3 a lot. its a fine game, with a good story adn well polished, but the gameplay tiself kinda burned me out, as the gaming world was going through its sandbox obssession, like with Ubisoft and all that.
    Fortunately i do believe that those are the bottom of the barrel, and more and more are calling them out each day.

    However i do want to say something about critics, as i myself just started my own review blog. Im not necessarily defending them but this is how i see it personally.
    Most gamers play only the games they either want to play, or their friends want to play and they have enough money to take the risk on the 30-60 dollars it would cost.
    Critics, on the other hand, have to play each and every game that comes out, even if they dont like the genre, or they’re burned out on a type of game. So them pushing themselves through that feeling can lead to their distaste for the game. Again this is not a defense for it, and i believe its a part of the problem in the overall game’s media structure that forcing yourself through it as fast as possible to pump a review out and get that sweet sweet SEO juice to make the company or website more money.

    Again just my opinion, and I feel the frustration at the loser who insulted your taste. I have IRL friends who dont tell people they play games because of the same reasons, so know that your not alone on this.

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    1. The Witcher 3 is a great game when it comes to story and environment but the combat I’m not a fan of or Geralt tumbling down the stairs all the time. I’m actually referring to gamers who act like critics not actual professional critics. If I really didn’t enjoy a game, I wouldn’t bother finishing it! Most of those people don’t review games, they just feel like they have to critique it because they despise it so and want to shoot down anyone else who feels the same way, That’s what I’m talking about but I see your point

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  6. Here, here.

    Unfortunately I think it is the somewhat angry, keyboard warrior world we live in. Everyone is a critic and so many cannot wait to savage film, music or games. I struggle with it myself, as I feel I always try to be as positive going into something as I can, giving things the benefit of the doubt.

    It can be confusing. Often I will watch a film and recognize it is far from perfect, but enjoy it nonetheless, only to go online and see over the top 2/10 reviews!

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    1. Yes that’s what I mean. If I don’t like something, I’m not gonna bash it or if it’s something unpopular I will still find something about it to enjoy. I can’t understand why people do that, it seems like a waste of time like a situation where a game or film is not even out yet and they’re already complaining. Chill.

      The saddest part about these AKWs is that not all of them are teenagers. Some of them are actually grown men or women older than me with children. You’d think by that age they’d develop some maturity to realize there is better things to do with their time? What if their kids or spouse saw their online behavior? One time when some AKW ratted at me just because I said I enjoyed Andromeda, I saw that he was married with two kids and I almost wanted to contact his wife to inform him that he is harassing innocent women online because they enjoy something that he did not.


  7. I will play and like just about any game you throw at me. These developers, artists, audio designers, and one-man armies work so hard to craft something and put it out there to enjoy. Although I may not be a FAN of certain games, I should not be berated because I feel differently about a game. I loved Darksiders 3. I liked Mass Effect: Andromeda (especially the multiplayer. For me, online play was addicting). There’s tons of games I enjoy to play, so I understand where you’re coming from. Respectful Gamers Unite!!

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    1. Glad to hear you keep an open mind! Devs definitely work hard to give us a good game. I’m not a multiplayer person anymore but I can still appreciate the effort put into that as well.


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