A Star Far Away

This dream last night gave me a beacon of hope for the future of our world, and before I get down to it, I just want to say a massive thank you to all my friends and followers for reaching out to me here and Facebook when I shared my blog post about the incident that led to why my Instagram account remains private, despite me having a public blog here.

Your support means so much to me, I wish I shared this story sooner, but I never felt ready to do so. We victims should not feel ashamed of opening up about incidents like these long after they have happened. They can be traumatic and it takes time to come forward. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤

Onto the dream, it reminds me of the people I know who try to see the glass as half full amid what’s happening in the world. I was preparing to head out above the city in my Dragon Master form, someone was trying to stop me from going somewhere but I turned spreading my great wings and said that this was who I truly was meant to be.

I took off into the night and as I flew above the roads and buildings, the city was lively again with lights, traffic, and so many people out walking. I may be an introvert but I hate big changes that prevent me from living my life the way I want to when I step outside my home.

As I soared over the roads and the ravine, I began to sing many songs and people were cheering me as I flew over them, looping and spinning while airborne and shooting fireballs into the sky. I could have sworn I was singing my favorite TSO song at some point, even though Christmas has already passed.

If I could only have that power in real life, I would do all this when this damn plague ends. The rest of the dream is something different but not as cheerful so I won’t share it. I just hope I have another good one tonight, and if not then there will be more.


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