A Switch In Time

Since the beginning of January, I had a sudden spark in me that I made me change my mind about something.

One thing that got a lot of people through 2020 was their Nintendo Switches and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. As a veteran player, I was at first surprised that so many people were playing that had never picked up an AC game in their life. Several bloggers I follow consist of that, but then again, I shouldn’t judge because I never picked up an Elder Scrolls game until Skyrim so there.

What’s weird is that I kept having dreams about owning a Switch despite my frequent dismissals in my mind that I didn’t need one, but perhaps those dreams were telling me I secretly did want one.

The truth was that I did want to play ACNH, it had been forever since I last picked up an AC game and I wanted a fresh start, and there were other Switch exclusives that were beginning to catch my eye like SSB Ultimate, and rumors have been circulating that Generation IV in Pokemon could be remastered for the Switch. That would leave me with no choice then given how much I love that era of Pokemon!

When I acknowledged this, I decided to get a Switch after all and opted for the Lite version since I liked its portability.

Sure, I see the benefits of the original Switch, but I felt we had so many consoles on our TVs already and this one would fit better into my purse when I travel, if I ever get to do that again, ugh.

With that being said, I got some additional accessories, downloaded ACNH to begin with, and named my island Mata Nui.

While I work on that, I’m looking at what to get next and now I’m suddenly glad I got a Switch, it’s a very modern looking console. Even though my PC is my primary gaming rig, I still always have had a soft spot for handheld consoles, so whenever Nintendo makes one and it has enough games to grab my attention, I get one.

Given the success the Switch has been upon its launch, it is likely to be around for a very long time. I’m happy I gave it a chance.


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