I Just Play Not Stream

Twitch, Discord, YouTube, you name it, one of the most popular features that gamers do, and some other bloggers I know, is broadcast their gameplay of whatever game they’re currently playing.

I used to watch people do it, like I watched Markiplier’s entire run of Alien Isolation in episodes because I knew I was never going to complete it myself. It wasn’t a livestream, but it still could be a way to stream your gaming. But, to stream my own gameplay myself? No, not for me.

When I tried to share this opinion on Facebook, some moron said it was because I didn’t have millions of viewers and another person put a “nobody cares” meme. Again the habit of being unable to share an opinion there so it goes here instead.

I have nothing against streaming on places like Twitch, it sounds like a great way for players to connect with other players, give out tips, or for you to just interact with your friends and followers. Some bloggers I follow, stream on Twitch and invite others to watch them, some of them even make money off of it! That’s great, that’s wonderful, but it isn’t for me.

Why isn’t it for me? Well, I love my video games and I have stated before that they are my way to not have to deal with people, to disconnect. Introverts like me often need their alone time to recharge and I would rather just fully focus on the game I’m playing and not on who’s watching or keeping an eye out for offensive comments at the same time. I have learned that successful streamers rely on lots of viewers and comments in order to generate decent revenue. Sure, if you love to do something, why not turn it into something that produces a profit?

But gaming has always been a leisure activity for me, and if I were to stream it, I feel like it would just create more stress for me about who’s watching or if I can make any bucks off of it, so I would prefer to just keep things the way they are now.

You could also say I hear a lot of stories about female game streamers and some of the treatment that they face, and unless I have skin like a rhino, it’s probably best if I don’t do it because I’m just not that insensitive enough!

So, if you’ve been hoping that I might stream my gameplay, this is why, so screenshots on my Instagram and game reviews here will have to suffice, or you can always add me on Steam: Emi-Didact.

I know it’s a popular way for gamers to connect, but it’s just not for me, I would rather just focus on playing.


8 thoughts on “I Just Play Not Stream”

    1. That’s what I do too. I tune out and play video games and if I want to engage I’ll write about it here. I’m just better at expressing myself in writing than I would be if I talked and streamed. 🤣

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    1. Glad to hear I’m not alone, feels like so many people around me choose to stream, sometimes just to do dumb things for their fans. If that’s their thing great, but me, no thanks, I wanna play in peace.

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      1. There’s a guy I know who uploads his gameplay to YouTube and he does a bunch crazy things like jumping to the highest difficulty even if he’s never played before. Yeah no thanks, I’ll leave him to do that and I’ll do my own thing.

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  1. I would be happy to stream if people just want to watch me play, see what I’m doing. But I just don’t have the energy to be an entertainer. I can’t keep an ongoing monologue happening, and due to noise sensitivity, I usually don’t play with sound on.

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    1. The only time I’m good at babbling is when I’m alone or talking to one person, otherwise I frequently pause, stutter or repeat myself when I know I’m being recorded. Another reason why I choose not to do it.

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