Tempered By The Fires Of Hell

Well, good morning to you!

I woke up from a refreshing sleep today and eager to get started on a new game review. There’s always that satisfying moment whenever I finish a game and am ready to start writing about it here and oh man I have not been looking forward to writing a game review since after I beat the first Darksiders game! In fact I always wanted to write a post like this after beating those games, but I ended up getting so distracted with work that I forgot and just went straight to writing the review once I got some free time.

Well, last night I finished DOOM and it was so much fun ripping and tearing demons to Hell and back to Mars! I also eventually fought and defeated a Cyberdemon (the one I kept dreaming about) and honestly I wish I could have one as a bodyguard; my friend thinks it should be more than just a protective friend hahaha, like it might be a fictional crush. Nah, I don’t think so, but I sure do know how to pick the bad boy demons now that I think about it. Barons of Hell would be another option.

Rawr! What’s not to love about these badass demons, even if you have to glory kill them. I mean, Cacodemons for instance are annoying to fight, but they are a little cute in a way that’s hard to explain.

My friend and I were talking last night about how we felt like the demons in the DOOM universe were the real stars of the games because of all the love and attention they get from the fans, you can get a Cacodemon plush online and pretty much all the demons are featured in fan art aside from Doomguy himself. With the latest game DOOM Eternal released on the same day as ACNH, there’s been lots of crossover art, memes, and videos of Doomguy and Isabelle hanging out together either planting trees or slaying demons. As an AC veteran and new DOOM player, I approve, it’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen on the Internet in 2020, in my opinion.

Anyway, have a Hell Razer to brighten your day (another demon I like that I haven’t mentioned yet), and please do look forward to my review of DOOM, it’ll be a slightly different approach since it’s not a story-rich game, but it’ll still be fun to write, so stay tuned!


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